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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Gender

We went for our much anticipated monthly check-up (it is always very exciting to see Baby!) and yes, we finally saw Baby's gender!!

Doc zoomed straight towards the genitals. Baby wasn't in the best position but Doc was able to locate both of Baby's legs. Hubby and I were in a daze coz we obviously couldn't interpret the image. Doc and his wife were really cheeky though. The wife took a look at the image, said "Oh, I saw it already" and walked out of the room! Hubby and I just looked towards her direction and then at each other with a huge question mark on our faces. Doc, even cheekier, explained that he had to firstly locate the V part where the legs meet, pointed at it, and said that if there is something protruding, it means it's a boy. We stared the screen long enough to notice that there was indeed something extra there. "Means it's a boy?" He said "Yes". He then promptly checked if it could be the umbilical cord but after making sure that there is no blood flowing on that 'extra' part and that the umbilical cord is pretty much floating around the top of Baby's body, Doc said that he can safely say Baby has 80% chance of being a boy. Oh dear, we don't have a boy's name for Baby!!! *gasp*

All the while, we had been hoping for a girl. I can play dress up with her. Hubby can call her his little girl and bring her out for walks. We even thought of a nice name for her. So yes, it was really an unexpecting news. But now that we know, a boy is just as nice. Hubby get to play basketball with him. He will be our little man in the house. What's more important is that as long as Baby is healthy, the gender really shouldn't matter.

Another happy news is that, I am now 43.6kg (my lifetime achievement, woo hoo!!!), 2.3kg gain from the previous check-up. It probably must have been all those CNY food I've had! For once, Doc was very satisfied with that! Baby is now weighing 443grams. Apparently at the rate I'm going, Baby probably wouldn't exceed 3kgs which is good and should be easy to deliver. I really hope so too!

We announced Baby's gender to our families and the godparents-to-be (Baby is soooo loved!!!). Hehe... We're having a kuchee-rat boy!!! He's surely gonna be just as handsome as his Daddy!! We will be able to start shopping for blue stuff soon! *Grin*


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