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Friday, February 22, 2008


Mummy contracted shingles a few days ago and she imposed a 2 to 3-week ban on me from seeing her. "It's dangerous for pregnant women", she said.

Am upset coz as much as I love her to want to do something for her, to stay with her to take care of her until she recovers, I have to obey because I know she loves me just as much and she doesn't want anything to harm Baby.

I can't do anything but to ask about her recovery through the phone everyday. Am sad when she complains about the rashes, headaches and muscle pain. I think I will buy some fruits and a bouquet of flowers to cheer her up a bit. Will drop by on my way home from work tonight and pass them to her via Daddy. *Sighz*

She insisted that I do not tell Sis about her condition, where as Sis is now suffering from a really bad diarrhea in Shanghai and she also told me not to tell Mummy. But of them just doesn't want the other party to worry, yet now I'm worrying for the both of them! *Double sighz*

I honestly pray for their speedy recovery. Hubby and I are going for our monthly check-up tomorrow and I so pray that there won't be additional worries about Baby. *prays*


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