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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Half-Baked @ 20 Weeks

The bun in my oven is half-baked today. *lol* That said, we're halfway there!! 126 more days to go!!

It seemed like only yesterday when we found out that we're expecting a baby and suddenly now, I wake up and see a huge bulge in front of me. Not only that, the thought of delivering Baby in less than 20 weeks time! *Gasp*

Well, the bump isn't really that huge but it does seem slightly bigger each day, and of course, the flutterings. I just love to play with Baby - talking to Baby, shaking and rubbing the tummy.

Sis just came back from Hong Kong today and already, she bought a few stuffs for Baby - a small lime jacket (can't believe babies are soooooooooooooo tiny!!), a couple of cute little bibs and a very cute pair of pastel-coloured jester shoes. Baby is so lucky!!!

Oh well, CNY is here tomorrow. Hubby and I got to go do a little spring cleaning around the house a bit. Not that I'm able to do much though.. *Sighz*

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful Ratatouille year!!!!!!!!! It will also be the year for our little Kuchee-Rat that's happily swimming around in my tummy. Tee hee hee!


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