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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jewel's Girl

Jewel delivered her baby girl yesterday. Moorish, Sue and I went to visit them at the hospital this morning.

Jewel told us that she was induced twice, contractions were a minute apart but her cervix could not open and the best part was that she didn't feel any pain! She decided that she had enough of the finger-poking and so was then wheeled in for Caesarean, half bottom of her body fully numbed with epidural. Her husband saw the entire process and the surgeon even took her uterus out and showed it to him! She said that she felt only pressure when they cut her up and she was still on epidural when we visited her. Everything was really pleasant for her. I pray and hope that mine is like that. I want to go for natural delivery but I know that anything can happen. I just pray and hope that when the day comes, everything will go very smoothly.

Back to Baby, am quite upset that I don't seem to be gaining weight. The check-up is just next week and for sure, Doc's gonna be unhappy about it. I have really been trying to eat a lot, taking a lot of balanced diet meals, but it somehow doesn't seem to be enough. This coming week, I must double my food intake. I must gain weight!!


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