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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Avocado @ 16 Weeks

Baby is 16 weeks today, apparently should be the size of a large avocado!! So fast, yah. 4 more weeks and we're halfway through the journey! It comes with mixed feelings though.. I'm of course really excited to meet Baby, but I'm very worried about labor. *Sighz* I really hope I can get through it.. Must exercise more now... For me and for Baby..

Mummy boiled bird's nest again today. According to many, bird's nest is good for Baby's skin complexion - fair and all. But according to some as well, it's not good to take it too often. Reason being because it is good for the skin, too much of it will make the skin even more sensitive, i.e. very easily prone to marks when scratched and rashes too. So far I've taken it twice within a span of a fortnight, hope that's alright and not too much.

She also showed me some of the baby clothes that Muffins Uncle gave her the other day, so many on Sesame Street and Snoopy. They're sooooooooooo cute!! Can't believe that babies are soooo small and tiny!!

Speaking of 16 weeks, I don't know if it's a good thing that I'm not really showing yet. I hope Baby is small but not lacking of nutritions. I must eat but not too much. I read that Baby's toenails are starting to grow and the nose can tweak already. So exciting! If only I have some kind of machine that I can use to monitor Baby all the time. Then again, I guess I wouldn't be doing anything else but to watch Baby. Hehe!

I wonder how Baby looks like. Will Baby have Hubby's killer smile? Will Baby have smaller eyes than ours? Will Baby have long fingers like me? Ooohh.. I can't wait!!

And oh, I'm so happy.. I can drink Milo again!! Wheeeeeeee!!!! I don't know why, somehow during my first trimester, I would throw up everytime I drink Milo. But everything's back to normal now. Yes!! I'm so gonna try to eat and drink more..

4 kgs.. Here I come! Wish me luck!!


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