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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby Names

Hubby and I spent almost 2 hours in Borders today, browsing though baby names books. We ended up buying 2 books - A World Of Baby Names; and What's In A Chinese Name.

It's going to be so tough choosing that one special name for our little bundle of joy, but what's even tougher is picking the Chinese name! We came across a Japanese name - Kamenosuke - which, I tell you, you wouldn't be able to guess what it means..... A turtle's helper! With a meaning like that, no wonder Kamenosuke sounds so like 'kami not suka' (we don't like). *lol*

Hopefully we'll be able to tell Baby's gender soon so that we can choose only 1 name, but anyhow, we'll try to decide on a boy's and a girl's name just in case. Any suggestions?


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