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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My First Maternity Wear!

Was so happy that Thaipusam was declared a holiday for KL yesterday. :)

Took the opportunity to try shopping for clothes. There were so many nice clothes on sale everywhere especially those lovely cheongsams from Somerset Bay.. But the darnest thing is that I can't fit into them! *Sighz* What's more, I have to shop for clothes that are loose so that I can still wear them in the months to come. And I don't quite like the collections they have in the usual maternity shops.. They seem so err... Old-fashioned.. Hehe..

Anyhow, I still ended up in ModernMum and finally decided to buy a pair of kangaroo-pouched, low-waisted jeans. My very first maternity wear. *lol* It looks so funny yet comfy. There's a pouch which you can either tuck it inside the jeans, fold it outwards or when the bump gets much bigger, you can just fold the pouch over the bump. After delivery, you can remove the pouch from the buttons and wear the jeans like normal. There's also a garter attached with buttons around the band which is adjustable according to the size of your growing hips. Very nice! It costs quite a bit, but at least I can be rest assured that I can still wear the jeans till delivery and maybe for my next pregnancy. *lol*

Maternity Jeans
My kangaroo-pouched jeans

Now that I'm happy with this purchase, I've got to look for other clothes! Aikz!!


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