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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

18 Weeks

Baby is 18 weeks today and we're going for our check-up this coming weekend! Yay!

Lately I've been feeling something going on in my tummy. It's like as if something is moving within me, and sometimes it comes along with a soft knock against the tummy from inside. It's funny coz the tummy wobbles by itself. I know for sure it's definitely Baby's doing but seems like as if there's an alien growing in me (think of the movie Relic or was it Alien itself?).

It's exciting indeed. The more I re-read the lines from 3dPregnancy, the more I look forward to Baby's movement :-

"What is that fluttering, itchy sensation in your stomach? Could it be your baby who is telling you: "Mommy, do you feel me?""

"What is that little shock I feel there on the lower left, hey now I feel it again.. Is that my little one?"

"In the beginning it seems like the flutter of a butterfly but pretty soon it feels like he is playing soccer. But whatever it feels like it is still unique and lovely, so lovely.."

Very, extremely lovely indeed!!!!!!!


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