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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Slice Of Watermelon @ 19 Weeks

We're now on our 19th week!! Back to the fruit bowl, Baby should be the length of a slice of watermelon.

Gee... Speaking of that, I haven't had a single bite of watermelon ever since I found out I am pregnant! All because of these Chinese superstitions that a pregnant woman cannot consume anything cooling like :-
* pineapple (because it will flush out your baby like how it will speed up your monthly period flow if you consume it before your period)
* all kinds of melon like watermelon and honeydew
* papaya
* coconut (*gah*! My favourite!!!!)

I try to be obedient.. If I can avoid, then I will. But so far throughout my pregnancy, I've taken coconut once. So it's still ok. Hehehe.. Besides, pregnant women tend to be very heaty, so why can't we take cooling stuff to cool ourselves down, right? *wink*


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