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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cheeky Baby

We got to see Baby today!!! Was awake quite early in the morning actually coz I thought I felt some movement in the womb. Wasn't sure if it was Baby or gas bubbles though..

Anyhow, got to the clinic with Hubby, feeling so darn excited. But while waiting for our turn, Doc had to speed off to the hospital to conduct a delivery. We had to wait for an hour or so until he got back to attend to us. Aren't we just so patient? Hehe..

We did the usual weight measurement and I'm so happy to say that I'm now 41.3 kg, which means I gained 1.2 kg!!! Well.. It's still far away from my 4 kg target but at least I'm not gaining grams now! *Joy joy*

Got propped up onto the bed and we finally saw Baby!! Baby was sleeping upside down and kind of showing the left profile of the body. Doc needed to be able to see both legs clearly (which wasn't so at that time) so he couldn't tell us the gender as of yet. :( Just when Doc was moving the scanner across the tummy, I felt a kick. Doc asked if I felt the kicking and indeed, all of us saw Baby kicking in the screen!! So that's how it feels like!!!

Baby was moving a bit and Doc showed us the legs, hands, tummy and did some measurements. Doc said that Baby is growing well, some parts of the body is showing 18+ weeks but some other parts is showing a few days late which is actually not too bad after all. Baby is indeed catching up on his/her development. Great improvement (thanks to Isetan's yummy bento sets!!) but I still need to gain more weight. Darn!

As we tried to tell Baby to show us the private parts and Doc tried to move Baby a bit with the scanner, Baby cheekily turned his/her entire back to us! We saw the perfectly formed spine and the buttocks!!! So naughty!!!!!

Baby at 18+ Weeks

That's Baby sleeping upside down, showing us the left profile. The head on the right where as you can see the big tummy on the left. The little black thing in the middle of the body is the heart. A brief explanation on the measurements :-

CRL : Crown-rump length, measures from the top of the head to the buttocks for an accurate estimation of the gestational age.

BPD : Biparietal diameter, it's the diameter measurement between the two sides of the head.

FL : Femur length, measures the thigh which is the longest bone in the body and reflects the longitudinal growth of the fetus.

Well, hopefully we'll be able to see the gender during the next check-up but if Baby just wants to keep giving us suspense, then let it be a suprise. *Grin*


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