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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy CNY

Choy San Yeh
Choy San Yeh with earrings. Tee hee hee!

It's been a quiet CNY this year. There's the usual family gatherings now and then, visiting relatives here and there, and not forgetting, distributing angpows to our family members and other kids.

Yet, something is missing. Ahhhh... The lively atmosphere that we've always had in every year of our CNY celebration in Daddy's hometown. Every CNY eve, we would head back there and prepare for our reunion dinner. We would help Yeh Yeh set up the altar at the car porch with lots of food. After our dinner, the rest of our relatives would gather in the house. Imagine having Yeh Yeh, Nai Nai, Daddy and his 8 other siblings, along with their spouses, 40-odd grandchildren and about 15 great grandchildren everywhere within the premise. The elder ones would play mahjong and blackjack whereas the younger ones would roam around the street playing fireworks, and of course there would be a few hanging out at the living hall watching tv.

Come the auspicious time, Yeh Yeh would begin his prayers and welcome the Gods (sorry, can't remember which one is it - Sky or Kitchen God) and one of my uncles would light the firecrackers. It was oh, so lively!

But it's not like that here in PJ/KL. It's almost like a dead town! Here I am, munching on those CNY cookies and mandarin oranges while staring at my decorated CNY tree (with blinking 'firecrackers' lights too!). I shouldn't be feasting on them in the first place coz they're heaty and apparently, oranges will make Baby cough a lot in the future. But what the heck, it's CNY!

Oh well, hope you're all having a great CNY holiday, wherever you are! Gong xi fa cai!


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