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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

21 Weeks Banana

People always ask me how many months am I now. I would say "4-5 months, I think" coz I really do not know how do one calculate the months. I mean, 40 weeks is more like 10 months, don't you think so? Perhaps I should ask Doc about this during the next check-up.

Anyway, we're 21 weeks today and Baby is supposedly to be the length of a banana now. Pregnancy Countdown book stated that "her tongue, which, of course, she will never, ever stick out at you, is now fully formed". That's so cute!

The book, as well as 3dPregnancy also stated that the Braxton Hicks contractions usually start around now. Apparently, they're just a painless, tightening sensation in the abdomen which may last for up to 30 seconds and cover just one part of the belly. Some people relate them as "practice" contractions for the World Series (which is the real one during labour!).

Oh dear.. Now I'm worried... I hope I'll be able to handle the contractions without any medical assistance...........


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