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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tiny Doll @ 23 Weeks

Baby is 23 weeks today, apparently looking like a tiny doll, complete with fingernails and toenails.

Here's what 3DPregnancy has to say...

"I recognize Dad by his voice and I really enjoy it if he rubs Mom's tummy to feel me kick (but sometimes I swim away from him just to make him grumpy)".

You two can make contact with him. If you press on your abdomen and push it slightly to the side, he will definitely respond. Also, if he kicks and you react, he will certainly continue, he will let you feel that he's there. You can talk to him and sing for him because you know that he can recognize your voices already.

119 more days to go.. Gee.. Why does it feel like the second trimester is passing by so quickly, faster than the first one? Nooooooooo...... Don't go yet!


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