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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wobbling Tummy

Baby seems to be bigger now, judging by his rapid movement within the womb.

He moves around whenever I'm not, especially during the night. I'd spend at least an hour or so before bedtime, just lying on the bed, watching Baby perform his somersaults. He's really an active fella, I tell you. Sometimes I can feel him turn, sometimes I feel him kick, and he really gives a mean kick whenever he's not comfortable (to tell me to switch position!).

Just the other night, I managed to use my mobile phone to record Baby's kicks. He was really doing acrobats big time then! My tummy was wobbling like mad, every now and then, one side of the tummy would jut out like as if it was going to expand and explode.

It really makes Hubby and I laugh whenever Baby does this. What can I say, he's already the sunshine of our lives. *Grin* Gotta go.. I have a date with Baby. Tee hee hee!


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