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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

26 Weeks

98 more days.. Gee.. We're down to 2 digits now!

Here's what The Pregnancy Countdown Book says for this week...

"His eyelids have been closed until now in order for the retinas to fully develop, but now his eyes are open and he's even blinking."

- Does this mean that I can now play 'lights on and off' with Baby? I read that Baby can cover his eyes with his hands if a torch light is shown towards him.. Hhhm..... *sniggers*

"Most of your intestines, large and small, have been pushed up into your upper abdomen - which explains why your food seems to sit there during meals. Gas pains can really get you under the ribs. There isn't much to do but wait. Some yoga poses can help you make room for all those squished organs; just make sure you follow a safe prenatal program."

- Oh dear, heartburn again? Back to first trimester again? :(


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