Memory.. Little threads that hold life's patches of meaning together. ~ Mark Twain

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Had such a nice lunch today.. Chee cheong fun and then jelly for dessert.

Then Hubby and I decided to drop by at Toys 'R' Us in Subang Parade to check out the baby stuffs. Somehow it was very stuffy and humid there. I remembered not being able to stand or walk for too long, I kept eyeing for a place to sit!

Suddenly, I felt dizzy and everything went blur. Remembered telling Hubby that I needed to sit down for a while.. The moment we found an empty bench just outside the store, nausea kicked in. Hubby immediately asked for a plastic bag. And then... I hurled...

There goes my nice lunch... Is this the beginning of third trimester horror? *Sighz*


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