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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Growing Feet & Glowing Hands

Today's highlight in The Pregnancy Countdown Book is pretty interesting..

"Many women may go up an entire shoe size by the time they have their babies. And in your next trimester, the swelling of your feet can worsen. But once all of the swelling subsides, you may find that you can get back into your old shoes.

Your feet are growing, and your other extremities, your hands, are probably glowing. Though you may still may not have that joyous pregnancy glow you were hoping for, at least one part of you is radiating - but unfortunately, it's the palms of your hands. You'll never believe this, but your suddenly bright red and itchy palms, and possibly the soles of your feet, were caused by increased estrogen."

Am lucky that so far, I do not have swollen feet (yet!) but when I do, I have an excuse to buy a new pair of sandals! *lol*


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