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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

27 Weeks

91 more days! My last week of second trimester! *GASP*

The Pregnancy Countdown Book says that Baby should be taller than a Barbie, or in our case, Ken doll! Wuah!

"This could be your last chance to travel somewhere and actually enjoy it. In another month, you won't want to be away from home, just in case. Besides, you'll be too big and tired to have fun. Think about it - Once the baby comes, you're not going anywhere on vacation, alone with your significant other, for at least several months."

*Sighz* I was actually thinking of going somewhere nearby (maybe Port Dickson or even within PJ/KL itself!) for a short weekend getaway. Just to chill, relax and smell the roses. Then again, I won't be able to enjoy as much as I'd want to, since there are certain restrictions on what can I eat, drink and where can I go and do.

Guess I'll have to save that after Baby is out.. A post-maternity holiday! Tee hee hee!!


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