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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sleepless Nights

First of all, I really, really hope that there's no bad news on the pap smear results. Have I told you that I hate it so, so, so, so much?

Baby's been wriggling a lot more often nowadays. Sometimes I let him listen to classical music to lull him back to sleep especially during work. But the bigger problem is that it's getting harder to sleep at night. I get backache if I lie on my back for too long. If I sleep on the right side, I worry my organs will get squished and anyhow, Baby would wriggle and wriggle as a sign to tell me to switch my sleeping position. If I sleep on the left side for too long, my arms go numb.

*Sighz* It's soooooo hard to get a goodnight sleep.. I've also even tried to prop more pillows under my head, and a pillow or two on my sides beside the tummy so that when I lie on either side, the tummy gets to 'rest' on the pillow.. Like a cushion to support the weight.

It doesn't help the fact that I'm in my 7th month now.. Just another 2 more months to go.. Or less!! Am beginning to feel the jitters... Just hope I don't get nightmares.. I need as much sleep as I can before Baby comes out to play!


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