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Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Trip To The Balai Polis

I texted the lady who hit my little car last evening and told her how much would it cost to get the damage fixed.It was really a very reasonable amount considering the dents are really obvious from even afar.

She, however, felt that I was exaggerating when they were only scratches (wow... A scratch and a dent is a huge difference, kay?!). She even got her husband to deal with me who 'clever-ly' told me that it will be very troublesome for a pregnant woman like me to file a police report, and also suggested that I bring my car to his mechanic who apparently can 'kao tim' for 10, 20 bux or so. No, thank you! They rather lose their NCB which is more than the amount I asked for. So be it then. Off to the police station Hubby and I went.

Being my first time filing a report, I found it pretty interesting having to type the report according to a sample format, like a story.. "On this so-and-so date, I was driving, car registration no. so-and-so, along Jalan so-and-so when suddenly a car registration no. so-and-so hit my car from behind." And I got to draw out the location of the accident when we met the Sergeant. Hehe..

It was quite an experience. I know that I didn't have to do this, but at least now that I have, I will know what to do the next time *touch wood!*.


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