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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Shopping Spree

It has been a day of shopping and shopping.. Just for Baby's stuffs!!

In the morning, we dropped by at Isetan, The Gardens for the babywear clearance sale. We bought a pair of Baby Tiny Toons inner wear, with this cute little logo of Baby Bugs Bunny and the caption "What's up Doc?" below it.. Only for RM16 after 70% discount! So blue and so cute!!

And then in the evening, we went over to my parents' place for our usual Saturday dinner. There was a huge bunch of stuffs at the living room - all the items that MJ Ah Yi bought from the warehouse sale on Mummy's behalf - washcloths, extra pillowcase, extra crib sheet, sleep support, newborn pillow, mittens, stroller pad, receiving blanket.. All for only RM 107. So cheap!! The stroller is still wrapped and stored in the MJ warehouse, so we will only get to see it much later.

After dinner, we went to Anakku and bought more stuffs like MamyPoko disposable diapers (for emergency use, coz we intend to let Baby wear cloth diapers instead.. Traditional-style!), nursing pads, mosquito net and stand, bath mat, and 2 pairs of Baby Disney clothes.. For a total of RM 175.

Hehehe.. Sooooo many things for such a tiny little creature!!! More to come, that's for sure!!! *Grin*


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