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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

33 Weeks

.. And 49 more days to go!

The Pregnancy Countdown Book says...

"All of her bones are still hardening, except for her skull, which remains soft and pliable and will not completely join, enabling her to journey through the birth canal".

"Just surrender to your nesting instinct. "Nesting" - The desire to clean, redo and renew one's home - is real. Nesting is a primal instinct among all pregnant animals. It often hits the human ones during the third trimester (In fact, a strong nesting urge at your due date week can even signal the onset of labor)."

3dPregnancy says..

"You waddle like Mother Goose".

To think that I'm already walking like a penguin now... Now I'm like a Mother Goose... *Sighz*


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