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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Baby's Chinese Name

It's really tough having to think of a name for Baby.. So far we've only managed to decide on the English name and we're very happy with it!

We've came up with a Chinese character name.. I'll save you from telling how we've come to decide on that. Hehehe... You will really knock your head on the table or wall. Anyway, yet somehow our families don't quite approve it. One said it's very Tibetan. One said it's very old-fashioned. One thinks it's very religious. One just felt that it doesn't sound nice at all. *Sighz*

Eventually I guess it will just be up to the both of us to decide on a full Chinese name. The problem is, it is tough to think of one coz we're both Chinese illiterate, and we're relying heavily on this Chinese name book we bought some time ago, Internet or friends. We did ask Mummy coz she can read and write Chinese. The problem is that she thought of ONE and only ONE Chinese name for Baby and had been persistent with it, refusing to find other suggestions. How are we to accept the name if we ourselves don't even like the pronounciation nor the meaning?

We've got 2 more months to come up with a full name.. We will find the best name we can give for Baby.. Ever since we've decided on the English name, we've been calling Baby by that name. I wonder if he knows that we're calling him. Hehe..


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