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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Baby Shower Suprise

The girls, along with Hubby, threw a baby shower suprise at Italiannies, The Curve!

It was truly an unexpected one.. Today started off like any usual Sunday, doing some simple housechores before we head off to The Curve/Ikano to do our grocery shopping. Hubby said that he felt like having pasta for lunch, which was, I thought, kind of odd coz he's not so much of a pasta fan (fattening and expensive) but then again, I thought it was probably one of his craving moments (see.. I'm the pregnant one but he's having the cravings instead. Not kidding here! Hehe!). After throwing in a few suggestions on where to have pasta, Hubby said to go to Italiannies. I immediately went, "Wuah.. Sure?? Very expensive woh!!!" But oh well.. Since he's the one having cravings.. Hehehe..

The other odd thing was that we walked around, even hung out at one of the bakeries for a bite or two (and I thought we were supposed to have pasta for lunch) before Hubby told me that Chef and Xiao Ping would meet us for lunch.

Once we've arrived at Italiannies, we asked for a table of 4 and the waitress was about to show us a vacant table. Somehow Hubby insisted that he wanted to sit at the upper deck, to the extent that he was almost whispering to the waitress that he must sit up there. Odd observation #3! The waitress of course, looked confused but she brought us up to the upper deck anyway. I looked for a nice vacant table ant noticed that the bigger table at the center of the deck was decorated with balloons. I wanted to tell Hubby that maybe there was a party going on there! Then at a corner, I saw a very familar face.. Gummy! Wow! It had been months since we've met up and it was such a coincidence to bump into her there! I was so excited that I wanted to tell Hubby. Then odd observation #4.. Moorish was sitting beside Gummy.. They're both my very close friends but they're not very close to each other, I've not seen them being in the same room together since my wedding 2 years ago and now they're having lunch together? Hhhm.... I was really suprised.. And suddenly, the rest of them came out from their hiding places.. Only then, it hit me.. The party was for us!! *lol* How very, very sneaky of them!!!

I couldn't believe it! I mean, we did however throw a shower for Jewel but I'd never in a million years, expected to receive one as well. And I couldn't believe that Hubby kept this away from me!!!

It was nevertheless, a truly wonderful suprise and a very fun reunion! *Grin* We've had so much of talk about pregnancy and babies, especially from the experienced mummy Jewel.. And ooh.. Those lovely, lovely gifts and those yummy cupcakes!! We can't be grateful enough for their kindness and generosity!!

Baby Shower suprise!
Baby shower goodies!

Cute onesies
Personal sets of onesies from Moorish during her time in Houston

To the girls - Moorish, Sue, Mei (who came up from Singapore!), Gummy, Jewel and Lily (your presence was felt even though you're far away in Sydney).. Thank you very, very much for the gifts, for throwing this wonderful shower for us. You've been the girlfriends I never thought I would have all these years.. 22 years with Gummy and 13 years with the rest. Here's to many more years of friendship between us!! Cheers!!

Chef and Xiao Ping - Thank you so much for being there at the shower. Baby is truly blessed to have both of you as his godparents (apart from 2 other godfathers.. And he's not even out yet!!). Wishing both of you great happiness as you unite as one in a few months time. We'll make sure Baby is ever ready to roll on your marital bed when the time comes! *Grin*

Wan Nei and Bubble - Was told that you girls couldn't make it for the party, It's alright, we can arrange to meet up soon before Baby is out, yeah? *Hugz* Hhm.. Wan Nei, now I understood why you called last evening and asked if I was at The Curve with my friends and then later on said that you called "for fun". *lol*

Hubby dearest - You really got me there this time. Hehe.. Very cheeky of you!! Am very excited to look forward to welcoming our little monsterous man, a mini you, in a month's time. :) *Muakz*

It definitely had been a delightful and an unforgettable event, to be blessed with having them in my life and now to share the arrival of our forthcoming bundle of joy. Love you, girls!!! *Group hugz*


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