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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What Are You Looking At???

The one thing about being pregnant is that people tend to stare at you or rather, your bulging tummy.

When my bump started showing, I was pretty oblivious about the stares. At least until someone mentioned about them. And when the bump got much bigger, the stares got even worse and longer.

Whenever Hubby and I walk around the shopping complexes, strangers would just stare at me. They'd whisper to the person beside them to tell them to look at me. I'd be wondering if there was something on my head, a stain on my face, did I look weird to them or was I walking funnily. Had they just take a short glimpse, smile a bit or something, then I'm fine with it. But this is downright annoying.

Once, my colleagues and I returned from lunch and we took the lift up to our floor. There was this other lady in the lift with us. My colleagues noticed that she was practically staring at me from head to toe the entire ride. They were so annoyed that they stared back at her. I of course, did not take notice of this until they told me.

One of the afternoons, Hubby and I had dim sum for lunch. A lady sitting opposite me was staring at me. When she left, she passed by our table and she just looked towards my bump.

What the heck! All these people just seemed as if they've never seen a pregnant woman before! It is coz I look too young my age to be pregnant, that you need to search for the wedding ring on my finger??? That I look too small size and thin to be pregnant? Have you not seen a pregnant belly at all??? Must you stare at me like as if I'm some kind of an exhibit?? And for sure I don't wear any tight fitting clothes.. I have nothing to flaunt, really.


Please give us pregnant women some respect. It's already stressful having to cope with the pregnancy blues, cramps and all. We do not need any added stress by you staring at us like aliens!


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