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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tampons Update

If you have read the previous entry about Virgin Boy buying me a box of tampons from Melbourne, well, he actually did. Imagine the shock I had on my face when I logged on to ICQ early this morning and got a message from him :

Virgin Boy : Hey.. I bought liao.. No mini wor.. Cannot find. Bought the normal one.. Got 2 small boxes.. Each got 8 I think. Inside got all 4 colours.. Hehe.. What's your address?

The replies..

Me : Oh my goodness.. You reaaaaallly bought arrrr???
Virgin Boy : Yalo.. I went to Coles to buy bread ma.. U dowan ar? I use for my nose bleed la.. :)

So yes, I'll be getting a parcel with 2 regular packs of Kotex [U], about the size of 11 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.5 cm. There will be 16 tampons with a mix of 4 colours - blue, pink, orange and green. I told him to pack it nicely, coz.. Awkward lar, what if the postman asks me why am I receiving a parcel of tampons.. Aiyo, I hope the Customs won't think that I'm smuggling drugs or something within the tampons and confiscate them!

Virgin Boy stopped by at the Post Office just now to mail the parcel, but apparently the parcel was too small, coz they needed to stick the postage stamp, register letter and airmail on it. He will have to pack it into a bigger box. So looks like I should be receiving it some time next week. *lol*

This is really hilarious lar.. The more I think about it, the more I can't "tahan" not laughing. I can't imagine how will Inspector react to this IF he ever finds out that another guy bought me tampons. Or if Virgin Boy's gf ever knew about this. Either way, I'll get "goreng"-ed to the max. I know it's nothing to shout about.. but.. But.. But.. I still find it funny lor.. And it's still weird receiving a parcel like that from someone, what's more, a guy! And besides, shouldn't this be something we buy for ourselves and not someone getting it for us? It's supposed to be something personal, isn't it? Well.. Sue thinks Virgin Boy is being a pervert..

Question for the moment : Have you ever received any weird gifts from anyone?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Using Tampons

It's pretty embarassing to talk to a guy friend about tampons. Why embarassing? It's coz he's the one telling you how tampons work, how to slip it in and which brand is a good one... NOT the other way round..

Virgin Boy : Eh I ask u one thing ah.. Do u use tampons one ah?
Me : Nope, I don't use tampons.. Like something get stuck up there and a string hanging out..
Virgin Boy : How u know like something stuck up there? u also haven't try b4
Me : Sure wan right, got something there woh?
Virgin Boy : U know when u put it properly, you won't even feel that it's there. Nowadays got a lot of new silky design... Not pain one..
Me : But one thing I don't un, it really can absorb so much ar.. What if the tampon is not big enough to cover, then how? Leak lar?
Virgin Boy : Yalo.. When it touches liquid, it expands.. It won't leak la, it'll just keep it inside.. More convenient la, don't have to worry about leaking on your skirt or pants
Me : What about the string?
Virgin Boy : What about it?
Me : It just hangs there?
Virgin Boy : It hangs out so u can actually pull it out doink..
Me : Yah.. But.. What if the string suddenly hang out of your undies?
Virgin Boy : Same as your pads being outside the undies rite? Who u wanna show your undies to la.. Hehe.. Keep it in properly la..
Me : *lol* Still don't dare lar.. Which brand is good?
Virgin Boy : Well, that I dunno.. Coz I never use.. But the "U" brand is the one with the silky finish. The important thing is to insert it at the correct angle..
Me : U?
Virgin Boy : I think the brand is "U".. And when u insert it don't be kan chiong.. If u kan chiong, your hole tightens.. And it becomes more painful hehe.. Oh.. It's U by Kotex
Me : Wait, I google it.. http://www.u4u.com.au/index_fullscreen1.html >> which one?
Virgin Boy : Pink box one. Eh u very free ah? Ur boss never see what u do one ah?
Me : Hahaha.. Wah.. Got so many colours somemore
Virgin Boy : Hehe.. U want me to buy for u next time I come back or not? Something that u can't get in Msia
Me : Unique souvenir.. I assume your gf uses that one lar?
Virgin Boy : No la.. Just that TV has been advertising it a lot day and nite..
Me : Oh cheh... Guarantee work or not wan?
Virgin Boy : Guarantee kua.. Big company wor.. Well, maybe first 2 days u scared, u use the tampons and then u use the pads also la.. See leak or not.. I buy small one send to u want or not? Hehe..
Me : By postal???
Virgin Boy : Yala abuthen??
Me : Won't you think your gf or your friends think you're weird? Hehe..
Virgin Boy : Weird? Hmm.. Well, it's just a favour I'm doing for u.. Hehe.. Since u can't get it in Msia mar.. Besides, I won't go around teling the whole world that I'm sending tampons rite?
Me : Aiyah.. You send to me.. Souvenir woh.. How to useeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Virgin Boy : Haha..
Me : How much normally 1 box?
Virgin Boy : I think 3 or 4 bucks la.. if I'm not mistaken.. Which colour u saw in the web?
Me : Got 3 colours.. Mini - green, regular - blue, super - pink
Virgin Boy : Oh.. Hehe.. U get the mini one enough la.. U so small size.

By the way, he's a good friend whom I got to know of since college days. He's moved to Melbourne a few years ago, hence we only communicate online. We chat about anything under the sun. And the conversation above was just part of the many topics we chatted about today... Let's see.. Wedding, virginity, tampons, periods and oh, pregnancy. Imagine that!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

To Make More $$

Moorish forwarded me this words of wisdom.. I do not know who wrote this initially, but, I'm sure at least everyone would want to earn more money, one way or another, do the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" way by going all out for the passive income while still earning your wages actively, wanting to retire before 30 years old or something.

But I find this one worth pondering about. Perhaps if you read it every morning, it might just motivate you to start your work. Hehe..

"If you don't have the money you need to live the lifestyle you want, go out and make more money.
You can make more money either by "forcing" the world to pay you more - and that way, because it is artificial, will be difficult and eventually self-destructive.
Or you can make more money by finding out how to make the work you do more valuable to others - and that way, the natural way, will be rewarding from the first moment you do it until long after you are gone."

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Broken Hope

He initially said he had an event to attend to and that he would see her after that. She held on to his words. She hadn't seen him nor heard his voice for a week. To think that after years of courtship, she was still crazy over him.

He said he didn't drive, that she had to wait for him to go back home to take his car. She offered to drive instead, she understood that he might be too exhausted to drive. He did not reply. She went to her office to do some work to kill time. Then she went home for lunch. "2 more hours to go", she thought. 2 hours passed by.. Then it was 3 hours.. Then 4 hours.. Then 5 hours.. Still no news from him.

Another hour passed by. It was dinnertime. She still hadn't heard from him. His event would have ended long ago. "What if something happened to him?" She called him, but he didn't pick it up. She left him a message.

It was almost 2 hours since that message. She called him. He answered this time. He was sleeping. She asked "Are you sleeping? Nevermind then." He said to give him 10 minutes, then he would drive over. She was about to change her clothes. He called and yelled at her. "What is wrong with me sleeping? I'm fucking tired". She was stunned. She apologized repeatedly. She didn't know where was he, what was he doing, she didn't hear from him for hours, she was worried. She now knew, she understood. He hung up the phone. He decided not to see her the next day. She would have to wait yet another week to see him..

Tears fell one by one as she sat alone at the dining table, having plain Maggi Mee for dinner...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Being A Manager

What is a manager's role, or at least being a superior? It is like a bed of roses - more lepak and throw commands to the staff under you, or is it the other way round - more responsibilities & more headaches?

I don't know lar, but NR seems to have the former role. By the way, NR is my manager and he's the nose-digging fella (yuck!). I believe a lot of you are probably in the management department, or at least, supervising other people. Perhaps you can enlighten me on what responsibilities do a manager hold. And maybe you can tell me if what NR do is correct.

For starters, he reads novels during office hours. Once a while, understandable. But he reads them day in day out, from morning till evening. And it's very obvious. From so far away, you can actually see his monitor screen. Bright orange background page, with dark orange Chinese fonts. A lot of chapters too. Whenever someone passes by his place, he minimizes the window. Sometimes I call his name, I walk over and I stand beside him, he knows I am there, the windows was still on full screen mode, he looks at me for a few seconds, then he minimizes it. Which is really, really dumb lar.

When it comes to presentation, he prepares the Powerpoint slides. Once he's finished, every morning, he leaves the one of the slides up at the background while he reads his novels. When people passes by, he displays that slide and he pretends to think until coast is clear, then the novel is back. It goes on until evening, and it's still at the very same slide. "Takkan" 1 page of slide also so hard to do meh?? But of course, during his presentation, we must be 'amazed' at it, he took suuuuuuuch a long time to do wohh..

Oh, and he's a very good "tai chi" master. He throws every single thing to me and my teammates. We are sooooo overloaded with our own projects, yet he still do that. He even throws his own projects to us! I was realllllly, reallllly frustrated at this today. Me and my teammates already have too much of things on our plates. Bosses using their authoritive powers to tell us to do their things. He told Furball that "you got 12 things to fix (in a project). You take 1 minute to fix one thing, 12 minutes also 'kow tim'". I pulak, am stuck with a lot of "highest" priority projects. I told him I need a few days then only work on one of it, he said, "Wah.. Like this also need few days ar? One day also can lar". I was soooo geram, I just told him off, "Then you do for me lar". His reply? "If I got time, I don't mind doing. But I don't have time now". Guess what he's doing? Chatting on MSN and reading novels. What the *^#$&*!! By the way, did I tell you that his favourite phrase is "Your problem, not my problem"?

And he knows that we're overloaded, he does not even offer to help us out. For me, regardless of how much of things I have on my own plate, I offer Furball my help because I know he can't possibly do 'one leg kick' in his project. Shouldn't a manager be more busier than the rest of us? Best part is, whenever there are suggestions to add to his projects, he will give all sorts of excuses to not add them. This busy lar, that busy lar, here meeting lar, there meeting lar, this cannot do, that cannot do. But suggestions to add to our projects, fuiyoh, everything also can!! No problem! Can be done within so-and-so days/weeks, without discussing with us! 'Cham' lar we all.. Don't fall sick also cannot lar. I don't think I need to talk about the nose-digging part, right?

Is this how a manager is supposed to be? My colleagues and I really can't stand him any much longer. But how are we supposed to voice it out and to whom? He appraises my performance, no matter how much I hate it, I still have to suck up to him a bit. How do we get him to change his attitude and that we are all supposed to be in the same boat together?

Hhm... I just realized I have 2 entries (including this one) specially dedicated to him. I wonder what will he say if he happens to read them! Shhh.... And by the way, I seem to be complaining quite a lot in the blog. But I'm not always a Grumpy Bear. Really!!! Oh well, shall stop writing. Time to get back to my work. Doing OT at home. Got deadlines mar.

PS :- Please don't mind my grammar. I'm too frustrated to check on it. ;)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A Daily Scenario At My Workplace

Picture this...

It's just after lunch. He sits down at his workplace. He's holding a packet of fresh, oily 'keropok lekor' with his left hand. His right hand is holding a piece while he's still chewing another piece in his mouth. He finishes up the whole packet and throws the plastic into the wasterpaperbasket by the side of his desk. He resumes his work and types furiously on his keyboard.

10 minutes later, he stops typing. He pushes his chair slightly behind. He brings his right foot up and drops it horizontally onto his left lap. He takes out the shoe on the right foot and place it on the floor. With both his hands, he touches the exposed sock, rubs his palms around the part where the palm of the foot is covered as he adjusts the sock. Once satisfied, he puts the shoe back onto his foot, brings his foot back to the ground and resumes his work.

Anytime later after that, he digs his nose with his fingers. He holds the booger and plays it with his fingers as he stares at the computer. He flicks it off his hand. He digs again. Once in a while, he scratches his head with the same hand. Or he bites his fingers. Come tea break, he walks around to look for something to munch on. The whole nose digging, nail biting and head scratching cycle repeats every now and then.

If this is not bad enough, he sits directly on your left, but you are both separated by a 2 feet space to walk around. You see the nose digging-head scratching-nail biting-food munching-typing act from morning till you leave for home, and there's nothing blocking you from that 'scene'.

In case if you think that it's just a made up story, let me tell you this. IT'S REAL. No salt nor pepper added. I'm that poor victim, and he is NR. I witness it every day. I can't shift my computer to cover that view. Even when I'm intensely thinking and concentrating on my own stuff, I unconsciously look around and when I see him in that act, all my thoughts just fly out and I go "EEEEEWWWWWW YUCK!!" I don't even dare to touch anything on his desk, not even touch or sit on his chair, nor answer his phone. I don't even want to imagine if he washes his hands after going to the toilet. YUCK YUCK YUCK!

Really can't help it, you know. This is the guy who supervises me and my job. The guy who appraises my performance. The guy who is supposed to be a role model to his small fries like me. There are of course other annoying habits like reading novels on his 17" LCD panel (bright orange background with dark orange Chinese fonts, may I add), interrupting people's conversation uninvitedly, or raising his voice at you when you're just within 1 feet radius from him. But that's another story lar..

But.. For goodness' sake, at least if he wants to do all these, WASH YOUR HANDS in between larrr... Eeeeeeeewwwwww...