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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wedding Songs Compilation.. Ok Boh?

Alaaaa... It's not for me laaaa... Date also not decided yet, how to choose the playlist now??

I'm supposed to compile a CD for Aneh. It's to be played for his gf's sis' wedding on Monday. I took out all my mp3 cds and extracted whichever songs deemed suitable for a wedding. Have to be English songs though, since they're neither Chinese nor Malay, but I don't have Hindi/Tamil songs collections. He specifically requested for Bob Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses" as the first track.

Here's the songs I'm compiling for him..

1. Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses
2. Celine Dion & Harry Connick Jr. - When I Fall In Love
3. Jim Brickman & Martina McBride - My Valentine
4. Atlantic Starr - Always
5. *NSync - God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You
6. Rod Stewart - Have I Told You Lately
7. Natalie Cole - L-O-V-E
8. Damage - Wonderful Tonight
9. Guys Next Door - I've Been Waiting For You
10. Brian McKnight - Back At One
11. Richard Marx & Donna Lewis - At The Beginning
12. Diana Ross & Lionel Richie - Endless Love
13. Lonestar - Amazed
14. Selena - Dreaming Of You
15. Monica - For You I Will
16. Color Me Badd - The Earth, The Sun, The Rain
17. Babyface - Everytime I Close My Eyes

What do you think? Ok ah? I checked through the lyrics too, coz some songs were soothing but their lyrics sucks, something along the lines of "we're not together anymore, but I'll always love you". Not suitable for weddings la.. Songs like, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You", Westlife's "Queen Of My Heart", Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby". No no no.. Was thinking of including some jazzy songs, but I didn't know which ones were suitable.

Any suggestions ar? Any better songs? I can use them for the next wedding CD compilation requests, or for my own wedding. I can use them for my future wedding video productions too. Hehe..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

How To Read The "Tong Shu"?

I gotten hold of the 2006's Chinese "Tong Shu" (or "Tong Sheng" in Cantonese). I'm trying to look for a suitable wedding date.

The thing is, I can't read Chinese (well, I can read basic words though). I know which section to look for, which dates are suitable to hold a wedding, and the auspicious times. BUT, how do I see which zodiac animal is conflicting with a particular date? Like, a person born under the Year of the uhm.. Chicken, should refrain from doing anything on this particular date. And apparently, one is supposed to see which date is suitable and does not conflict with the animal sign the newlyweds and their parents were born under.

I can refer all these on a website, but the auspicious dates and all are not exactly like the ones stated in the "Tong Shu". And I believe, "Tong Shu" is more accurate? How do I see the animal conflict? Please help!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

House Cleaning

*sweep sweep sweep*
*mop mop mop*
*scrub scrub scrub*
*wipe wipe wipe*
*wash wash wash*

That's what Inspector & I had been doing to the house these 2 weekends. We bought ceiling lights in Old Klang Road and a 5-blade remote controlled fan from Panasonic. Inspector bought a packet of carpet grass seeds. We wanted to try it out. So we marked a corner portion of the garden, pulled out the grass and their roots, loosen the soil and sprinkled some of the seeds on it. Need to water the soil everyday. Results should appear within 6-8 weeks time. Hope it works!

Next things we're gonna do are to plan for the toilet renovation and to buy curtains. Any suggestions where to buy cheap but nice curtains?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Why Argue?

Penkhee recently wrote in his online journal about arguments, on what is the point of "going through the whole process of arguing and making a point".

My comment to his writing was, is it that hard to apologize instead of going all the way out to prove a point (or that they're right) when they are wrong in the first place? That, granted everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but why the need to make others accept their opinions and no one else's?

I never liked battles. Usually I let the other party to state his/her points, then I state mine. Should the discussion ever launches into battleship, I take a step back and leave it at that, apologize if needed.

Just like him, i wonder if there is a need to get things heated up, or twist and turn things around, and expect others to apologize when they themselves were in the wrong? Can't people just accept the fact that each person has different views and just leave it that way? Can't people just learn to achieve mutual understanding between both parties? Or is that just ego talking?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Sky Is Crying For David@Skywalker

David's funeral is at 10am in St. Ignatius Church today. As it is now, it's raining cats and dogs out there. The sky is crying for his departure. Friends and relatives would gather in the church to bid their final goodbyes to him. It's raining heavier now. Soon, the sun would come out and the angels would rejoice to welcome him Home. He's in eternal peace now.

Goodbye, Skywalker! It's been great knowing you albeit a short moment!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yummy Yummy Yummy

One food I've always loved while studying in Sheffield was Greggs' Prawn with Mayonnaise and Lettuce sandwich. I stayed in the Endcliffe area throughout my time there. It would take me at least 30 minutes to walk to the E&E campus. Everyday, I would have to walk by Broomhill and there was a Greggs branch along Fulwood Road. Usually I would drop by Greggs and get a packet whenever I walked home early in the afternoon, or I would get the baguette after I do my grocery shopping at Somerfield (across the road from Greggs) during the weekends.

Ever since I first tried out the Prawn Mayo, I was hooked!! Whenever I buy sandwiches, whether at the campus' cafeteria, grocery stores or shopping mall, it would always be Prawn Mayo sandwich, nothing else. The prawns were oh, so soft and juicy, topped up with mayonnaise... Gosh.. Just by thinking of that makes me hungry NOW!

It had been 5 years since I left Sheffield, yet I still miss the days when I would just munch on the Prawn Mayo sandwich, specifically Greggs'. Nothing beats Greggs. Really! I would occasionally bug Der (while he was doing his PHD in Birmingham) on MSN to try it out. He's not so much a seafood person, so he's not as obsessed towards Prawn Mayo as I do.

Recently, he was about to leave Birmingham for good. I jokingly told him to take some pictures of the sandwich for memory's sake. Hehe.. HE DID THAT!! It was indeed a pleasant morning, having to receive his e-mail with pictures of the Prawn Mayo!! Take a look at them..

Greggs Prawn Mayo
The packaging.. Freshly made sandwich!
Greggs Prawn Mayo
The sandwich itself
Greggs Prawn Mayo
Der's final bite of the sandwich.. Yum yum!

I'm hungry nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww... How can I not be??? Where is the nearest Greggs I can find here?? By the way, their Corn Beef pasty's not too bad either. *grin*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rest In Peace, David@Skywalker

A friend put up the title as his Display Name on MSN. There was only one David that I knew of, who used Skywalker as his moniker in IRC years ago. I asked him and it was the same person. Found out that he got liver cancer, which then spreaded into his blood stream. By the time it was discovered, it was already too late.. He passed away this morning at Selayang Hospital..

David was one of the lifewires in IRC, especially #taylors. If I recalled correctly, he was one of the Operators in that channel and even had a bot called SkyBot (or something like that) there. Although I did not know him personally, knowing the fact that he had passed away brought a shock to me. From his blog and all the comments left there, I believe he had fought really hard in the battle, that he had many, many friends who loved him dearly.

He's finally at peace now.. I pray that God will give his family strength to move on and that memories of him will forever be etched in the hearts of everyone that has crossed path with him..

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Keys To The House *Jing-A-Ling*

We got the keys!!!! Inspector's dad took them from the previous owner last night. There were 3 sets - for me, Inspector and the main set would be kept by Inspector's parents. ;)

This morning, we entered the house, opened the windows and doors. We turned on the fans in all the rooms to air out the place. We turned on the water pipes. We swept and mopped the floors. We tested all the keys and labeled them.

Next week, we would do a couple more rounds of cleaning - The walls, the fans and the garden. *grin*