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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Little One

The little one, still nameless is still surviving. *grin*

At day 3, it now has fur all over its body. I could now see the eyes and the ears. Oohh.. I could see the teeth too! It's remarkable how something so very fragile 2 days ago now look slightly formed. Kind of like how it is to watch a human baby grow, every day is a new development. Every day you'd just wanna stay there and look at the baby, at every turn, every yawn, every single movement.

The little one
The little one

We had been planning to give them away in a few weeks time (this will really make both sides of our parents darn happy! *sighz*) and did not even know that Ivy was pregnant, well, until she gave birth, that is. Now that the little one is here, I'm even more hesitant to give it away. *sobs* We're gonna put the plan on hold for a while, at least until the little one can live on its own.

Until then, I just hope that whoever we will give them to, will be great owners. *sniff*

Monday, June 25, 2007

Granny Bunny

Baby Ivy gave birth to 2 kits today.

Earlier this morning, she had already pulled out tremendously huge amount of fur and laid them on the ground. She was also chewing on something pinkish (which I later thought it could be the placenta). I had suspicion that she could be giving birth soon, as I had read before on the Internet that female rabbits do that when they are about to give birth or assume that they are about to do (also known as 'false pregnancy').

Later in the afternoon, I had Inspector check on her and true enough, there were 2 "additional" lumps in Ivy's side of the cage. 1 survived, 1 did not. It's soooooo red, so fur-less, blind yet cute!

'Jellybean' stage - the reddish one at the back is the survivor

Until now, I have no freaking idea how were they able to mate coz all the while when I was away in Holland, they had been separated. Oh, except that one time when they moved the separator away and were at the same side of the cage! Then again, that was more than a month ago. Or maybe when we let them out and Thumper tried to hump on Ivy a few times. Could it be during then?? But he couldn't even aim and we always tried to shoo him away!

I just hope that the little one will survive, but Ivy doesn't seem to be feeding it.. *prays* Oh and do you know this, they will eat their own babies if they feel that the babies are being threatened. Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww......

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Skybridge

A colleague from the Green company arrived in Malaysia yesterday. My teammates and I have decided to bring him to visit the Skybridge today. Then again, none of us had been there before.

Because I usually arrive at the office way, way early in the morning so I was asked to queue for the tickets. When I arrived at the counter, there were already at least 60 people in the queue and that was only 7.30am! The counter only opens at 8.30am! By 8.15am or so, there were at least another 80-100 people waiting behind me. Crazy!!! Tickets are free but still, this is worse than queueing up for GSC Gold Class movie tickets! Each person are only allowed to collect 5 tickets, and we have 11 people. I had to send mass SMSes to my teammates for help, to have at least 2 more persons to queue with me. Thank goodness Gastric and Piglet came to the rescue. *grin*

Well, the visit had better be worth the wait!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

Been back for 2 weeks and what do you know, it's already the 1st year anniversary of our ROM today, exactly one year since Inspector and I declared to spend the rest of our years together!!!! *grin*

We had a simple yet good day, just doing silly things, being silly with each other. Laughing at things, at and with each other. Then we went for buffet dinner with my family which was also in an early celebration for Daddy and Mummy's anniversary this coming Tuesday.

Just the other day, we went to Sanctuary with a bunch of friends. One of them told Inspector that she was envious of the both of us, coz our relationship had been more than 10 years old yet we were still being so loving towards each other, laughing and dancing together as if we were just dating recently. Another friend told me that Inspector said I looked much more prettier the moment he saw me at the airport. I repeated that to Inspector and he blushed. Tee hee hee..

It definitely hadn't been a whole bed full of roses throughout the many years of dating, and especially now that we're married. But every little bit counts. All the small things we say or do to each other help us pull through, always remembering and reminding that we don't walk alone but together as one. Although we had only been married for a year, but we made a promise to each other a year ago today to stand beside each other then and ever after. We will do whatever it takes to keep that promise. :)

Now we are looking forward to our wedding anniversary dinner next month. Happy Anniversary, my dear hubby. I love you very much, have been for 11 years now and always will for many, many, many more years to come. *Muakz*!!!