Memory.. Little threads that hold life's patches of meaning together. ~ Mark Twain

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

What Do You Smell Of?

Lately I've been thinking of getting a new perfume. The problem is, I don't know which one to get. I take a looooong time deciding on one. I can practically take almost an hour just to decide on one bottle in Sasa. And don't bother asking me for a review. I'm terrible at that. Really.

My first ever perfume was The Body Shop's Dewberry. I.LOVE.THAT.SCENT. The grappish and youthful smell. I wore that scent throughout my college year. It was my signature scent. ;) Sad to say, it was discontinued after that, and I went on experimenting perfumes such as CKOne, Issey Miyake, Tommy Girl, Fcuk, Estee Lauder Pleasure and Azzura Azzaro. To date, I have found my liking towards Davidoff's Cool Water. I love the cooling, ocean scent. It has a bit of floral kind of smell, mixed with a little bit of wood. Well, that's what I think it smells of, anyway. It's the next best perfume after the Dewberry, and no other perfumes can beat that.

Imagine how I felt when I found out that Body Shop resold Dewberry almost 2 years ago. I was soooooooo overjoyed that I bought about 6 bottles of it 'sekaligus'. That was roughly 180 bux spent, and it was in Mid Valley. Hehe.. Just in case if they decide to discontinue it again. And they did. Soooooo upsetting, I tell you. I was sooo tempted to write a petition letter to beg them to bring it back to the stores. But then again, I might be in the minority group of ppl using that perfume. *Sighz*

Which reminds me.. Just a couple of weeks back, I met up with Wan Nei for a drink. She looked at me and asked, "Are you wearing dewberry?"

Me : "How do you know???"
Wan Nei : "Aiyah.. You wore that in college mar.. 8-9 years also I can still remember it's your favourite perfume smell. Body Shop mar, right?"

Hhm.. Either I sprayed too much of it during the good old days or I hung out with her too often back then. *grin*

Ever since it got discontinued the second time, I've tried to reduce the usage of Dewberry and spray Cool Water instead. Now that I've finished the Cool Water and I'm down to the last bottle of Dewberry, I really need to get a replacement. Should I get another Cool Water or should I be adventurous and try on other perfumes? I'll buy any Dewberry products, don't care whether they're eau de toilette or body spray. By the way, my bathroom's hand wash liquid is of dewberry smell too. *lol*

I don't know what particular type that I like. Perhaps anything grappy, cooling, not too strong to the nose nor too floral. And something that can last the whole day with just a few dabs over the neck and the wrists. Oh, and not too expensive. My budget's about less than 200 bux for a bottle of say, 50ml. Any ideas?

At the meantime, I smell of Ambi Pur's velvet. I think it's a fairly new product, a thin, leafy shape, to hang onto clothes hangers or something. I hang it in my wardrobe, so my clothes smell of it. Also a bit of a grappish smell. Yummy. ;)

Friday, March 25, 2005


My company had power trip sometime before noon. It's a norm lar, being that my dept has soo many testing equipment, that every now and then, someone would accidently short circuit something and *poof* there goes the electricity.

Everytime when this happens, some of us would be happy (don't need to work mar!). Or some would go, "arghhh... I didn't save my stuff!" Or "arghhh... I don't have UPS!!" We would all be chatting, go for long lunches, take a nap.. Bla bla bla.. But what got me thinking is that, in the past, no electricity also, everyone could still get on with their routines without much complaints, all they need was to think of alternative solutions until the electricity is up again. But nowadays, no air cond means "too hot, too stuffy, cannot work". No radio or PC to play mp3s means "aiyah, very boring larrr". No battery-operated microwave means "how to heat my lunch??". Remember the great blackout that happened in January? Ohh.. That was really a great one..

Sometimes, I think that with the increasingly advanced technology around us, we tend to forget how simple our lives used to be. Like, we never had mobile phones in the good old days, yet we could still get on with life. Nowadays, mobile phones are a necessity in life.

Imagine, I was sweating like a pig and I could still reflect on things like these. They just make you think back of your roots and perhaps make you appreciate life even more, don't they?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

When Parents Argue

It all started out when we came back from Dad's hometown. While we were there during the weekend, there was a minor tiff among his siblings, regarding Nai Nai's welfare. Some were not willing to contribute, some didn't mind paying. Dad, who takes a great care on Nai Nai's interest, decided that he would fork out the required amount to avoid any further arguments.

Mum didn't like the idea, stating that he's being too generous 'throwing' his money here and there, and that they will take his generosity for granted. Dad, on the other hand, is a peacemaker, who's willing to do whatever he can for Nai Nai & to keep the family united, especially since Yeh Yeh passed away almost 2 years ago. Both of them ended up raising their voices at each other. This rarely happens and even so, it never lasts more than a day.

But this time, they've not spoken to each other for 3 days. Mum's showing her tantrums. Dad's in his usual silent mode. Dinner was awfully quiet with me trying to talk to them separately. They're never in the same room together. Not even when they sleep.. This is slowly affecting Sis and I. We don't know what to do, or what to say.

I would just love to tell them that they're both grownups and that they should both work it out together. But how do I do this without being yelled at for siding the other one, or being told that this is grownup ppl's business and we as children should just butt off? I don't want to choose sides. I don't want to say in black and white who's wrong and who's right. I feel that Mum is just being very cautious but most of the times, whatever she says, somehow or another, it tends to offend someone a great deal. Dad is trying to set things right for his family but he should make a firm stand and set some conditions.

This silent treatment between them is really killing me....

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Waking Up Late

I am a human alarm clock. Usually on weekdays, I'm triggered at 6am for Inspector's wake-up call. Then snooze for about an hour before I really wake up to start the day, i.e. shower, give a few knocks on Sis' door, dress up, 'lenggang lenggok' a bit, leave the house, drive to work and then reach office about 15 minutes later. Even if i go back to sleep mode when I'm really supposed to be awake, it usually lasts for 10-15 minutes and then I'm up and going. Latest also, I would reach office by 8am. Then I would proceed to sending a morning mail to Moorish and Sue.

That's my morning routine. Unfortunately, that didn't happen today. I didn't need to give Inspector a wake-up call. I woke up at the usual time, went back to sleep mode and didn't wake up until, not 10 or 15 minutes, but an hour later! I should have been in the office by then! *Gasp* Rushed like crazy larrr... No time to 'lenggang lenggok' also..

Once in the car, I managed to pop in Michael W. Smith's album into the CD player. Worship songs soothe my mind. When I rush, I become panicky. I could probably speed all the way to work. As I hum along with the songs, I drove at the usual pace, no traffic jam at all (thank goodness for school holidays!), reached office and sent out my morning mail by 8.30am.

Maybe some of you will think that being half an hour late is considered Ok lar.. I mean, it is. It's not like I'm really late or anything. I have the flexibility to come to work anytime between 8 to 9 am. It's just that.. It's very unlike of me to be late in my own routine. I'm weird, right?

*Shrugs* I don't know.. I guess I like being the early bird, be on time, never to rush here or there or with this or that. Maybe this is why I am a bit disappointed with Hippo. He always (more like, everyday!) come to work waaaaaaaaaaay past after 9, he claims that he can't wake up for work (once a while it's ok, but every single freaking day??), yet he would be up and veeeeeeeery early for church prayers. Something which I still don't quite understand. Maybe someone can point out to me why is it Ok to do so.

Oh well.. Another thing to be thankful about, I was supposed to be at JW Marriott this morning to attend a Borland seminar along with NR, Furball and Koala Bear. But I pulled out a few minutes before I left the office yesterday coz I have a lot of work still pending. Sek Long thinks I've "grown up already, put work above seminars, can think already lor". Hehe.. Good thing I pulled out, otherwise I would be stuck in the traffic jam going to KL and be reeeeeeaaaaaaaally late for the seminar.

By the way, if you happened to attend the seminar, please let me know how did it go since I'll only hear about it from my colleagues tomorrow. ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fix Streamyx!

I'm still facing the same problem connecting to Streamyx, even after the technician came over and replaced the modem. That didn't help as I still get the LAN status as "Limited connectivity or no connectivity" message. He hurriedly left before 6pm coz apparently that is their "finish work time". And that we were to check our network card ourselves. *Sighz*

Hammie suggested that I fiddle with the link speed & duplex, to change it from 100Mbps to 10Mbps. Tried it out, and it worked. Well, not all the time though. After several days even 10Mbps also giving the same problem, I had to call up TMNet again. Found out that "we are currently facing Streamyx connection over Peninsular Malaysia". Aiyoooo...
Nevermind larr... I'm tired of the whole situation.. I shall just keep playing around with the link speed. If really need to, then I'll get a new network card from, maybe, Low Yat..

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Streamyx Follow Up

Thanks to all the suggestions poured in for the previous entry. I called TMNet again last night. Needless to say, I vented my 1-week-long frustration for about 20 minutes at Guy 4..

Guy 4 : "The report here says that a technician went over last Wednesday afternoon but no one was at home". (AHHH! Now different ppl are telling me different things)
Me : "Then he should at least call my house phone or my mobile before he comes over. It's not like I can always be at home to wait for him to come unnoticed"
Guy 4 : "Did you receive a blue card?"
Me : "What blue card? There wasn't any blue card or note"
Guy 4 : "No blue card? Ok, I will check for you"
Me : "Why didn't he give me a call? It's been more than 1 week"
Guy 4 : "Sometimes they don't have a mobile phone, or they cannot call out to the customers" (This is realllllllly stupid!)
Me : "If cannot call out, then he should at least go back to report to the superior, and get someone else to call me back"
Guy 4 : "Yes, yes, I'm sorry, but sometimes this is the technician's attitude, you know" (No, I don't know)
Me : "Ok, maybe he's busy, but it's more than a week!"
Guy 4 : "Yes, yes, I understand your situation"
Me : "Coz I think I just need to get a new set of modem. If it takes more than a week to wait for him to do that, might as well I just go over to Kedai Telekom, change it, and I fix it myself"
Guy 4 : "You can do that, but anyhow also, my people still need to "something something" (I assume the meaning is to close) the report. Telekom ppl can just fix the phone line, but otherwise, it's TMNet's part already"
Me : "Ok, then how about you give me the technician's number? I can call him directly"
Guy 4 : "I'm sorry, I don't have the number now. I have to wait and check"
Me : "Aiyoh, then what should I do now?"
Guy 4 : "Ok, I tell you a good news. You can call the Billing Dept and to get a rebate for the 1 week lost of connection"
Me : "I'm not asking for a rebate here! I'm complaining about the after-sales service. What's the point of me subscribing to Streamyx when the service is not up to its standard when it's claimed to be?"
Guy 4 : "Yes, yes, I'm sorry. The reports were made by my junior here. I'm the senior. I will make sure that a technician will be there within 24-48 hours"
Me : "If not, then what happens?"
Guy 4 : "You wait until Friday, 4-5pm. If a technician is still not there, then you call and ask for me"
Me : "Then? Takkan I ask you to come and fix for me pulak?"
Guy 4 : "I will make sure he will be there before then"
Me : "Very sure?"
Guy 4 : "Yes, I will submit the 2nd report and see to it"
Me : "Why 2nd report? This is the 4th time I'm calling, why only the 2nd report? How about the other 2 times?"
Guy 4 : "The other 2 times were to check on the report status only" (ARGH!!! Should I bang my head on the wall now?)
Me : "Check the status only?? Each time I called, your guyz said they will make a report. Doesn't this mean your juniors are not doing their job too?"
Guy 4 : "Yes, I will make sure they won't repeat it" (By now, I 'bengang' already)
Me : "Ok ok.. So I'll wait until Friday, 4-5 pm, if no one came over by then, then I'll call and ask for you, right?"
Guy 4 : "Yes, just ask for me, my name is ******"
Me : "Ok ok.. I'll wait till then.. Thank you very much for your help" (I know I sounded like a b*tch, but at least I still say 'Thank You', right?)

After the conversation, Dad handed me a printed paper of Jaring's promotion packages for home wireless broadband. The home basic package seems reasonable, considering I'm already paying RM99 a month for Streamyx. And besides, Jaring's service appears to be better lar.. Has anyone subscribed to this yet?

Oh by the way, the technician called me sometime before lunch just now. He's coming over between 5-6pm later. THAT WAS FAST! I think they're probably terrified of all the screwings I gave them the past week already. *lol*

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Streamyx Frustration

Gee.. I felt like ranting here, and didn't realize that the blog has practically been collecting dust for almost a month now.. Definitely not Blogger of the Year. Hehe..

Oh yeah, I wanted to write about Streamyx and their service. Does anyone here face any problems with the TMNet ppl? For the past 1 week, I couldn't get connected to Streamyx. I kept getting the "Limited or No Connectivity" error, or something like that. Could it be that my modem konk-ed already?

Last Tuesday, I called up Streamyx for technical help. As usual, had to wait lar, and listen to the music while being on hold over and over again (I can literally fall asleep), kept on waiting until someone (Guy 1) finally entertained my call. Made my report, tried whatever solution he mentioned, left my house phone number, and then was told that a technician will come over within 24-48 hours. That was Tuesday. Technician called my house on Thursday afternoon, I was at work. So Mum gave him my mobile number. But I didn't get any calls from him after that.

I waited till Friday night, still no calls to my house nor my mobile! So I called them back and played the "waiting while on hold" game again. Guy 2 answered, I lodged my complaint again. He said, "your case will be sent to a higher level", bla bla bla. Fine, I wait again then, maybe the technicians are all very busy!

Then came Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Still no calls!!! Dammmn frust larrr.. So I called on Monday night. Guy 3 answered. I pity him. I practically fired him. Really, it's been a week now!! I mean, fine, I wasn't at home on Thursday, but couldn't the technician ever think of calling the house again some other time, or call my mobile?? What's the point of Mum giving him my number right?? And why were there still no assistance after my 2nd complaint? It had been more than 48 hours since Friday! Well, unless if they don't work on Saturday as well, but Monday lehhh??? I thought my case was "sent to a higher level"! Unless they've got shortage on technicians lar. Really sorry lar, Guy 3. It's not been the first time I've had problems with TMNet. :(

It's now Wednesday. Still no calls. Looks like I've got no choice but to call them up again tonight. URGHHHHHHH!!!! Damn geram, I tell you.... Sis thought that I wasn't stern enough. I yelled at Guy 3, yet I still apologized to him and say that I didn't mean to be rude. Dad said to give them the "I'll write to the papers" warning. Sighzzz.. I really don't want to go to that extent, you know, being rude and lodge complaints publicly.. But... SIGHZZZZ...

Sometimes I just wonder what the hell is the Customer Service for. Do they not value their customers? If it's really the modem at fault, I'd rather go straight to TMNet and get a replacement, soooo much faster than me waiting for them to take their own sweet time to come fix it for me. I'd understand if it takes them a couple of days to get back to me. I can still get connected to the Net while in office like what I'm doing now. But Dad and Sis need the Internet just as well, and it's been more than a week already. Seriously frustrating, you know.

Can someone help me with this? Or can someone be kind enough to yell at them for me?