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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Birth

[updated on 8th October 2008] It's taken me this long to finally update the blog!

As it was left on my previous entry, Kuchee-Rat had indeed decided to arrive much earlier than expected.. 15 days early, to be precise!

At 1.30am, I woke up, needing to pee. When I thought I was done, I found that I was still leaking and my sanitary pad was soaking wet! This was it, my water bag broke! I immediately rang Doc (felt darn guilty for interrupting his sleep) and he asked me to time my contractions, if they were 20 minutes apart, it'd meant that I was in active labor. I timed my contractions and they were already 20 minutes apart! I hurriedly woke Hubby and oh boy, his eyes were wide open when I told him "I think my water bag broke". I had time to take a quick shower and did some last minute packing for the hospital bag. Hehe..

By 2.30am, we arrived at the hospital. Contacted Doc while I was being wheeled straight to the delivery suite. I changed into the hospital gown, got propped onto the bed, strapped on the fetal monitoring system (heard Kuchee-Rat's heartbeat throughout the time) and was given an internal examination. I had already dilated to 4cm. Hubby did the necessary registration and then joined me in the room. He had the privilege of lying on a recliner, watching the Euro '08 match between Greece and Sweden on the telly while I endured the contractions and more internal examinations. Ouch!

The contractions kicked in at shorter intervals and I kept asking the nurse how much worse off will the delivery pain be. "10 kali lebih sakit!" (10 times more painful than this!). I had to decide if I'd want any pain relief. After considering the options, we decided to go with Pedithine (short injection on the buttocks to make me slightly drowsy) and Ethonox (laughing gas). Even though they're only 30% effective (where as Epidural is 100% pain-free), and despite remembering Doc repeatedly suggested during the checkups that I should take Epidural coz I couldn't withstand the pain of doing blood test and vaginal examination, die die also I did not go for it just coz of the long needle. It's expensive too! Then again, I think I have this rebelling attitude of proving a point that I can do what people say I can't. *lol*

So there, Pedithine was administered and I slowly started feeling drowsy. There was one point of time where I think I dozed off for a while (and so did Hubby!)..... Until I felt as if I wanted to poo big time. It was a sign that the baby was ready to come out! But I had to abstain from pushing coz at that time, I have dilated to 8cm but I had to wait until it's 10cm, otherwise there will be tearing and boy, it won't look very nice! That was when I was given the gas - when the contraction kicks in, I had to immediately inhale as deep as possible (must be able to hear the sound), and when contraction stops, I had to exhale. It was reaaaaaaaaaaaally bad. Hubby even asked if I was already laughing but I just practically ignored him coz it was extremely painful resisting the urge to push and kept concentrating on inhaling and exhaling the gas.

The moments after that were very vague. I didn't remember the nurses telling me to push when I had dilated to 10cm. I didn't remember seeing Doc walked into the room. I also didn't remember him telling Hubby that I had been in the second stage of labor for more than an hour, that if nothing happens within the next 10-15 minutes, he would have to cut me. But what I remembered was that I was still feeling very drowsy. The nurses placed my feet onto the stirrups and adjusted my body. Doc was already standing in front of me. Then I heard them telling me to inhale as deeply as I could the moment I feel the contraction, and push without exhaling. It took me some time to get the hang of it. I pushed and pushed again. I remembered Doc telling me to push harder, that he would assist me and everyone was just encouraging me. So I pushed harder and then, I felt the baby's head coming out. With all my might, I gave a final push, screaming my lungs out. Doc immediately did an episiotomy (he had warned me about this before, it's better to have a clean cut than having a bad tearing which will be harder to stitch up after that) and pulled the baby out using Wrigleys' Forceps. I heard the baby wailing and then I cried with relief. The nurses cleaned him up before bringing him to me and asked me to give him a kiss on his cheeks while Doc stitched me up.

Kuchee-Rat arrived into our lives shortly before 8am, weighing at 2.46kg. He's a small one, so scrawny and so fragile. But what was more important was that he was healthy. *Smile* And I did it! Without epidural! Woo hoo!!!!!! To think that I was actually more afraid of needles than contraction pain. *lol*


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