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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Slightly more than 2 weeks to the EDD.. My belly is drastically huge now as compared to the previous weeks, but I still try to walk a lot. It scares my colleagues. They expect a pregnant woman to walk reaaaaaaaaaaaally slowly and rest a lot. Hehe..

They are more anxious than I am. Everyday they'd ask, "Eh, still working ah?", "You haven't applied leave yet ah??", "No need to stay at home and wait ah??". Sometimes it does get a little bit annoying. I myself don't even know when will I give birth, right? My usual answer would be "Tomorrow, tomorrow" or "If I give birth in the office, you boil water for me, ok?"

The truth is, I have not applied to go on leave earlier. As much as I myself am terrified at the fact that I might possibly begin labor while at the office, I wouldn't want to waste my annual leave just to pot around at home and wait for Baby to come out. Besides, Doc had mentioned before that even if my water bag breaks while at the office, I'll still have ample time to go home, take a shower before heading to the hospital.

Somehow, lately, I've been feeling lke as if I'm having period pain.. I really don't know if they're just Braxton Hicks contractions or the real thing. Tonight's are exceptionally stronger. But I don't see any tinge of blood (they call it the mucous plug) or water leakage. I'm probably just scaring myself..

Maybe I should just go sleep it off... Ta!


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