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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Better Car

I wrote before about us getting a stroller from the recent MJ warehouse sale. However, when MJ Ah Yi called the supplier the other day, she found out that the stroller was missing from the store. It had probably been sold off to someone else!!

It was so upsetting.. We were so excited at the thought of using a Cosco stroller! *Sighz* It wasn't meant to be. Thank goodness MJ Ah Yi did not put in any advanced payment for it. There's barely a month before Baby is out, so Hubby and I had to go hunt for a stroller as soon as we could.

We finally found one that we were both really happy about.. Hauck Shop N Drive travel system from Toys R Us. A stroller that comes along with an infant carrier seat, just as sturdy as Maclaren's or Peg Perego, and best of all, it fitted our budget!!

The moment we brought it back home and assembled it, we were both practically wheeling the stroller around the living room, imagining our little baby sitting in it.

I guess it was a good thing that we lost out on the Cosco stroller. Everything happens for a reason, eh? *Grin*


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