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Friday, June 06, 2008

Not Time Yet

Today's checkup has shown that I've gained yet another 0.8kg. Am now 50.8kgs. WOW! Seriously lifetime achievement, man!! I have never, ever touched the 50kgs mark at all!! Woo hoo!!

Doc however, expected me to lose a bit of weight coz the amniotic fluid should be reducing now that we're approaching the EDD. Somehow, in my case, it's not. So I guess Baby's still happily moving about in his 'swimming pool'.

Doc did the internal examination (I sooooo have to get used to it!) and said that my cervix is still closed but because Baby's head is already engaged in the pelvic from the previous checkup, he is still very certain that I wll probably give birth way, way earlier than the EDD. Doc also still strongly suggested that I take epidural.. *Sighz* Let's just see how it goes on the day itself, ok?

We're scheduled for another checkup next week.. I wonder when will the actual day Baby wanna come out and play.. Hhhm....


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