Memory.. Little threads that hold life's patches of meaning together. ~ Mark Twain

Monday, July 24, 2006

Trim The Bonzai

Jewel was commenting that I'd still be in honeymoon fever for the next 4-5 months. "Good time to 'trim the bonzai'", she said. I was like, "what bonzai????"

According to Sue, this "proverb" was invented by Jewel which basically conveys the following message :

"To mould your husband to what you want him to be now, just like how you trim bonzai trees. When they grow their little pucuks, you trim, grow then trim, grow then trim until you get a perfect looking bonzai tree. And bonzai is just the way you want it to be. but remember you can no longer trim bonzai trees after they mature, as the branches get thicker and the stem grows outwards and out of control."

Hehehhee... Now how's that for an original proverb? Damn cute. But I have a problem. My bonzai tree is tall and built. How to trim ahhh??

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Patchee Can Cook

Last week, I tried cooking penne with Prego Tradional Sauce. That was pretty easy, considering that I had countlessly cooked pasta meals while in Sheffield. Tonight, I had my first proper home cooked meal served with rice...

Home Cooked Dinner
Tah dah!

Ok la... It's damn plain... Just a full can of Heinz baked beans and fried eggs with prawns. But it's edible to me, at least. Tee hee hee.. Had a bit of trouble with the frying part though. The spatula was quite heavy for me. Fry and fry and fry until my hand 'lenguh' already. *lol*

What should I learn to cook next? *wink*

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lunch Delivery

Usually I would 'ta pau' lunch in the morning on the way to work. Nasi lemak, rice dumpling, fried meehoon, fried mee, chee cheong fun, etc. I would keep them in the fridge in my department's pantry, then reheat them for lunch. Or sometimes I would be too lazy to 'ta pau' and make do with instant noodles instead.

Last night, Pa said that it's not healthy for me and insisted that he will 'ta pau' lunch and drop by at my office to pass to me. He really did that today. I had earlier on bought 2 packets of nasi lemak. He came over to my office half an hour before my lunch break. Made me trade my nasi lemak with a packet of chicken rice, still hot and fresh.

Apparently he's gonna be delivering lunch to me every afternoon, unless he's really busy. So 'pai seh', man.. I do appreciate his intentions and concerns on my well being though.. I mean... How often do you see father-in-laws buying lunches for their daughter-in-laws.. Even Inspector also don't do that for me. Heheheheheheh....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back To Work

After a week's leave for the wedding, it's back to work...

From where I live now, I have to leave the house by 6.45am to avoid the traffic. That means, I'll have to be awake by 6am - Take my morning shower, get dressed up, wake Inspector, fill up my water bottle, make the bed and all that. Reached office before 7.15am and had to get a colleague to open the gates for me. Usually back in my parents' place, I would only wake up at 7! *Groan* Am sooooo not used to this. Damn sleepy somemore....

I fear I'm going to doze off pretty soon.. Got to go make some iced Milo to drink...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Our Wedding Part II

------ Flashback : Evening Ceremony ------

We checked into the Bridal Suite, which in less than 10 minutes later, became a make up + changing + napping + shower + lepak room for the whole wedding crew. *lol* And oh, did I mention that we were given a complimentary chocolate box, a fruit basket and a bottle of champagne? The bathtub was filled with water and loose rose petals, while it was surrounded by lovely marbles and empty coloured bottles with rose-shaped candles on them. Very nice!

After a short rest, we proceeded towards the ballroom for rehearsal. I finally got to see the backdrop and I was so proud of it. For the past few weeks, the hotel were unable to enlarge the image I used for the invitation cards. I wanted a Precious Moments wedding theme, hence the backdrop with a PM image. I searched through the net for more of such images. I even visited several Precious Thots stores to search for wedding related items. The one and only thing I could find that was huge enough was a stickon photo album. I decided to purchase it. So backdrop costed me RM 79. But it was damn nice! I sooooo wish I could bring it home... Hehehhee...

We were about to begin our rehearsal but only then did I realize that I absentmindedly left the wedding march and cake cutting CDs at home! Of all the things I had double, no triple checked, I had to forget those. Even in the morning I ran through with my bridesmaids to bring the album, guestbook, flowers, confetti, overnight bag, gowns, shoes, vouchers, slideshow CDs, projector, background music CDs, notebook, etc.. I HAD to forget the CDs myself, the most important ones of all. Argh! I panicked. Was so upset at myself. Was about to get someone to fetch me home to get the CDs, even though the city was having a massive traffic jam. *Gah* But my 'heng tais' came to the rescue. They purchased Wi-Fi access from the hotel, logged on to the Internet through one of the notebooks and downloaded the songs. We were all ready for rehearsal 15 minutes later. *Phew* I'm ever so grateful to them. I even found out that the night before, after they left my place at about 3am, they checked into the hotel, continued doing up the slideshows until 4 plus, then woke up at 6am just to drive over to Inspector's place to videograph the morning ceremony starting from his side. *sniff* We ran through the march several times while my 'heng tais' tested out the sound system and slideshows, and Inspector wrote his Thank You speech. By about 4.30pm, we were all done and went back to the Bridal Suite to rest and also to peel out the rose petals for the flowergirl's basket. Took my shower and then waited for my turn to be made up.

By 6.15pm, all the wedding crewmembers were ready for the Cocktail Reception which started at 6.30pm. I was hoping that Dinner would begin at 7pm as stated in our invitation card. Unfortunately, it only began at 7.45pm after Inspector 'collected' me for the wedding march. We had our parents walking into the ballroom first, followed by the page boy with his basket of confetti, flower girl with her basket of loose rose petals, 2 pairs of bridesmaids and groom's men, maid of honor with the bestman, and finally us. It was a great and happy moment when we walked in. The guests were cheering and clapping for us, some kept throwing confetti at us. It was indeed an undescribable feeling even though I kept worrying that I would trip over the red carpet. Tee hee hee.

Our Wedding Dinner
The ballroom and its deco.

Then everything went by quickly. Food presentation. Dishes were served without long wait in between. The emcees entertained the guests with slideshows of our Love Story (perfected by the 'heng tais') and morning ceremony events (provided by the photographer). Inspector and I mingled around after the 2nd dish was served. By the 3rd dish, we went back to the Bridal Suite to change. Me into a maroon gown, he in a red round collared tee and the dark blue suit.

Full Wedding Dinner Menu
Menu served during the dinner.

We got back into the ballroom, mingled around with the guests, took some pictures, and went up to the stage for the Cake Cutting and Toasting sessions. Then we went to each table for Yum Seng. We felt so grateful that at least 97% of the guests took the time to come attend our wedding. That wasn't all. One or two Datuks attended as well. Even all my big bosses including the MD also came. Inspector's bosses were there too. *grin*

After we finished doing all the Yum Sengs, Inspector gave his Thank You speech, we bid farewell to the guests, and took lots of photos with those who stayed back. By then, Inspector's dad got totally drunk. It was quite funny coz Inspector was disappointed that he was still sober despite drinking so much of wine and liquor, that it was his day but his dad pulak yang konked out. Hehe...

We did all the necessary payment with the hotel, then Inspector and I went back to the Bridal Suite where the girls were waiting for us to open presents. Was so appreciative of their thought of requesting for Room Service to clean up the room before we got there. Sue, Moorish, Lily and Jewel gave us a The Couple's Book by Benrik (see the final book in here), 2 boxes of Durex, a set of lacy lingerie and G-string undies (very very 'pai seh'), a card and a Precious Moments figurine "Till The End Of Time (Just Married)". Very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee.. Another one to add to my Precious Moments collection. Tee hee hee... Jewel gave an additional present. She self-made a keyring holder using only tissue papers, colours, hooks and a chopping board. It was reaaaally nice. We're definitely gonna use it. Will take a picture of it once we've hung it up. *grin*

They left after 1am, then we waited for Inspector's brother to fetch their dad home, and to come back to the hotel with Mamee noodle in a cup. *lol* Tak makan marrr.. We waited for the Germany vs Portugal match till 3am, but Inspector already dozed off in less than 5 minutes after that. Hehe..

That was how our wedding went. It was indeed successful and memorable event for us. It definitely wouldn't have been so if not for all the help we've gotten from our families and friends. They have all really contributed a lot for us in every single way. They have been so thoughtful that saying Thank Yous a million times alone is never enough.

Thank You to our families for bringing us up well in every possible way, for contributing so much to the house and for our wedding, for giving us your blessings in our marriage.

Thank You to Sis, Wan Nei, Gummy, Inspector's bro, Footitie and Chef for being our Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Best Man and Groom's Men respectively. For walking down the aisle with us, for making sure we have enough food and drinks to fill our empty stomachs with from time to time. Special Thank You to Wan Nei for rescuing us when we got locked out from our room when we wanted to change into our other costumes during the dinner. Inspector and I actually had fun lingering outside the room and joking about the odds of newlyweds being in this situation. *lol*

Thank You to Bubble and Aneh for being our Emcees. For making the wedding lively with your witty jokes and getting the whole event well co-ordinated with all the slideshows, the wedding march and all the sessions.

Thank You to Moorish and Sue for assisting at the Guest Reception. For making sure all the guests are seated accordingly. For making sure they were able to sign on the guestbook and "Recipe" cards. For collecting all the angpows and gifts on our behalfs.

Thank You to Nutty and FRG for taking the time to fly all the way back from Bintulu and Bangladesh just to attend my wedding. Thank You both and Chino for putting the night before, perfecting the slideshows and taking care of the sound system.

Thank You to our Page Boy and Flower Girl for being a part of our bridal entourage.

Thank You to all the Chi Muis for organizing the morning ceremony games, and the Heng Tais for being so sporting about it. Thank You all for waking up so early for this as well.

Thank You to the hotel's banquet co-ordinator. We wouldn't have gotten everything well planned if not for you. And Thank You so much for contributing in the favor gift boxes. They're so lovely that I brought some home for keepsake.

Thank You to all our guests - Relatives, friends and colleagues for taking the time to attend our wedding. Am glad to hear that the food was good, the event was good and the reunion was good. We truly hope so. :)

Thank You to the rest who could not make it for the wedding, and Sorry to those who we were not able to invite due to the lack of space in the ballroom.

Thank You all for your thoughts, well wishes and gifts regardless of whether you attended the wedding or not. We really, really appreciate all that. *smile*

Thank You one, Thank You all!!!


We're Married Today!!

------ Flashback : Morning Ceremony ------

08-07-06. The day's finally here. The day when Inspector and I will begin a new journey in our lives together as one.

The make up artist and one of the photographers arrived at my place around 6.30am, while the other photographer arrived at the new house slightly later. Chi Muis and relatives started gathering after 7am. Sis prepared small pieces of cakes and peanuts for me to munch on and a bottle of water with a straw to drink from, coz we know that it's gonna be an awfully long day and I wouldn't be able to eat or drink much throughout the day.

While getting my face plastered up with cosmetics, I could hear the Chi Muis planning their games, snickering away, whispering to one another, and not telling me anything. Although.. I roughly knew what were they up to. Hehehe... Dad and Mum covered my head with the veil. And then I was 'locked' away in my room, waiting to be 'rescued' by my knight in shining errrr... suit? *lol*

Inspector's troop arrived around 8.40am, with all the drivers pressing their car horns as loud as they could throughout the street. His Heng Tais, all dressed in black suits, dark purple ties, with sunglasses and bluetooth, somehow looked like as if they're Inspector's bodyguards instead. Hehe.. Poor them, they had to get through 3 'tolls' just to 'rescue' me. 1st toll was the house gate where they had to give angpows to the Chi Muis, and then Mum made them feast on egg tarts, siew paus and coffee (eat full first) after that, before they proceed to the next 'toll'. For the 2nd one which was the main door, they were told to sing "Old McDonald Had A Farm", and end with another round of angpows for the girls.

Upon stepping into the house, the Heng Tais were in for a challenge - leg hair waxing. I shudder to hear how they survived. Good thing Inspector didn't have to go through that. *lol*

Chi Muis' Game
Looks like they'll have to wear trackpants for their weekly futsal games. Tee hee hee..

While the Chi Muis were scheming for the second game, Inspector looked quizzingly at a plastic cup holder and a bunch of bananas tied with rafia strings that were lying around nearby. He felt that something was up, so he quickly distributed to the bananas to the Heng Tais and told them to finish the bananas. Hehehe... So clever of him. *wink* Hence, the second game became the last game. Inspector had to put on some lipstick, and place his kisses and a message on a huge card to be presented to me.

Chi Mui's Game
A card from him to me.

At the final 'toll' which was my room door, he declared his love for me. Until after the Chi Muis were satisfied then only they opened the door and let him through. *grin* Then the Heng Tais poutingly showed me their 'bulu'-less legs while Inspector told me that they ate the third game. *lol*

Then we proceeded back to the living room where we did the tea offering ceremony to my parents and relatives, and gave angpows to Sis and cousins. Once done and a long round of photo session, Dad sheltered us out towards the bridal car with a new red umbrella. Had a long hug with Mum before I left and she was in tears. Even though we will be half an hour's drive apart, I'm soooo gonna miss her.. *sobs*

Hand in Hand
Together we will be, for always and eternity.

Thus, along with the Heng Tais, Chi Muis and my relatives, we began our drive back to our new house where Inspector's family, relatives and the nicely decorated Bufori were waiting to receive us. Hehe.. Then we offered prayers to the ancestors and 'Tin Kong' (I think!) at the car porch before we went into the house to offer tea to his family and relatives, and then gave angpows to his younger brother and cousins. This time we had the 'Tai Kam Che' to tell us what to do, say whatever auspicious things during the tea offering.

While they served lunch, Inspector carried me into the bedroom, laid me onto the bed and watched Bumblebee poked through the wrapped potty with his hand and grabbed an angpow inside it. Then he was carried onto the bed where he happily jumped and rolled on it without us having to encourage him to do so. He enjoyed it so much that he didn't want to leave the bed! *lol*

Then the 'Tai Kam Che' guided us to perform our 'duties' where I had to remove Inspector's coat and nicely hang it in the wardrobe, while Inspector had to remove my veil and throw it to the top of the wardrobe, apparently as a sign that the marriage will last forever and the love for each other will be as high as the sky. Something like that la. Then we 'lighted' the pair of lamps. This one is not so traditionally done where in the past, the newlyweds had to light the kerosene-based lamps for 3 whole days. Because we didn't want to have the kerosene smell in the bedroom and it can be dangerous, we opted for the battery operated ones. Hehe.. Quite cute also lor, actually.

Auspicious Wedding Lamps
Glimpse of the lamps

We had our lunch, chit chat with friends and relatives, then went back to the bedroom to take the veil down from the top of the wardrobe coz we need to return it to the bridal house. Hehe.. Then Inspector and I left for the hotel with the Bufori. Footitie and Inspector's brother took the Mercedes and trailed us all the way. Was sooo glad the weather was very nice and sunny, so we removed the sunroof and I couldn't even care less if my hair gets messy after the ride. I just needed to hold on to the hairpiece coz I had to return it to the make up artist later in the evening. *grin* We couldn't really speed with the car as the decorations would have easily gotten flown away, so we took a really slow drive towards the city. I think we practically hogged Seremban and Federal Highways. To make things worse, the City Hall did a lot of traffic diversion in effect from today! Why did it have to be today?? But it was still fun. A lot of cars actually slowed down to take a look at us. Some of them happily horned and waved at us. I think there were several others who wound down their car windows and gave us thumbs up, or shouted "Congratulations". *lol* Although Inspector said that it was uncomfortable driving in the car (actually it was pretty spacious for me. Har har!), but we really had a great experience there. Who would have 2 bridal cars on their wedding day? As I've mentioned before, I wouldn't care less if we got my Little Kelisa as the bridal car. But it was indeed a memorable one, being given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually sit in and drive a Bufori. :)

Upon reaching the hotel, we checked into our Bridal Suite and then it was time for rehearsal.. Be back soon!

Time Left : 5 Hours

Can't believe that the day's oh so near.. Now I'm getting really nervous coz I don't know if I can get everything done up really soon!

It was raining cats and dogs this morning when Sis and I made a visit to the nail salon. I was so worried that the weather would stay that way till night coz we were to have a small pre-wedding party dinner at home. By the time the party was about to start, I was still slumping in front of the PC, trying to perfect the slideshows. despite the awful lack of sleep. And there were more phonecalls being made and received. *gah*

As much as Inspector and I would like to see each other the day before the wedding, it was just impossible to do so. Not because of whatever customary tradition that forbids the newlyweds to see each other on the wedding eve, but it's because we both had just too many things to do, so many places to go to. He's having a pre-wedding party at our new place as well, and he had to bring both the bridal cars to the respective florists to be decorated.

Pre-Wedding Party
Pre-celebration dinner prepared by Le Oriental Catering

It was so frustrating but I'm awfully glad my friends were around to help me out. FRG flew in from Bangladesh a week before (he's being stationed there for a year). Nutty flew in from Bintulu this evening itself. Both of them, Chino, Aneh, Wan Nei and Sue stayed back after the party, crowding over the round dining table with 3 notebooks to help complete the slideshows. That wasn't all, they would have to wake up super early tomorrow (or rather, later) to double up as videographers from Inspector's side, 'heng tais' and 'chi muis'. Nutty hadn't even checked into the hotel! They practically pestered me to go prepare the background music CDs for the dinner, to go take my shower, to sleep early. But I just couldn't. I've already felt like I was burdening them with my wedding, and they were tired as hell too. I couldn't just let them do all my stuffs.

But shortly after 3am, they kicked themselves out. They knew me too well. They knew I wouldn't go sleep and let them be. The guys would be camping together with Nutty in the hotel. They took along the projector, my notebook, video recorder, CDs, the corsages and 'heng tai' car ribbons (to be given to Inspector in the morning). They insisted that they will 'kao tim' everything, that I should not worry about anything but to look pretty and have fun during the wedding. As much as I felt like I was throwing all my responsibilities to them, I was relieved as well coz I know that everything is in good hands. If I am to trust someone to do the job, it would be them. I would never doubt them nor their capabilities. And I am ever so thankful to have them in my life. *smile*

Can't believe that in a few hours' time, I will be officially married. I will be someone's wife. I will begin a new journey in life with Inspector.......

I got to go now.. I have to be awake by 5 plus and that's in less than 2 hours time. Make up artist and the photographer's gonna be coming over at 6.30am. Inspector and his troop will arrive at 8.30am. I think I'm gonna leave cucumber slices on my eyes while I sleep. Tee hee hee... Well.... See ya!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

2 More Days..

Have not been sleeping well lately. Not because of butterflies in the stomach. Not because of excitement at the thought of getting married. More like coz there's just too many things to do. Sooooooo many that I've been having less than 3 hours of sleep every day.

Am getting huge black rings and really swelling bags over my eyes. If that's not enough, I'm getting really annoyed at every single thing coming my way. Oh boy... I so wish that everything's over by now. But at the same time, I just want to enjoy each and every minute coz I know that the clock never rewinds. I have to be patient and be less grumpy. I have to.

On the other hand, my neighbour helped us hang the red ribbon decos. Quite nice also woh.

Ribbon Deco
Macam red 'bebola'. Hehe..

Tomorrow's gonna be an even hectic day...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Counting Down The Days

3 more days to go....

Made a trip to down to the hotel to pass a stack of personalized stickers to the hotel co-ordinator for the door favors. We have decided on the praline chocolates but the problem is, the box that is provided by the hotel is pretty plain. I thought it would be nice to put some glittered stickers with our names on it, onto the box, just like how I stuck them onto the back of the invitation card envelopes. Pretty cheap mar, RM 5 for 100 pieces. You can get them at the flea market in Curve. *wink*

The hotel co-ordinator called me back and told me that she had been thinking about our gift boxes. She decided to throw in a much nicer one, under the expense of her and her husband (whom in a way, works with Inspector). So nice of her! We are very lucky to have her to co-ordinate our wedding. We were initially assigned to another person but she tendered her resignation last month. We were then assigned to another person. But when Inspector found out that his colleague's wife is in that hotel's Banqueting Dept, we requested that she be put in charge of our portfolio. And boy, we are so glad to have her. Since day one, every single thing that was discussed with her was written down and a copy was sent to us. She would not miss out minor details but kept checking with us what we'd need to provide to her, what we'd need from her and all that. Even when we were still undecided on the menu, she allowed us to go for a second food tasting. She'd recommend what colours to use for the table settings, flowers, reception and the backdrop. She'd also tell us what shouldn't we waste in terms of money, how should our dinner flow go, etc. Now that she's personally throwing in the gift boxes, we are even more 'pai seh' and appreciative of her. I can't wait to see how they look like!

Packed more stuffs and transported them over to the new house. Did a little spring cleaning there and put up a few more red decorations here and there. Mum said it will look nicer in the photos, especially at the area where we are gonna do the 'jam cha' ceremony.

Inspector had just called to inform that we would be getting a second bridal car. Wah! We already have a Mercedes - owns by Footitie's dad whom is also a close friend of Inspector's dad. Small world eh? Actually, if you ask me, I'd rather use my Little Kelisa as the wedding car. I mean, it's our wedding, right. Why should I want to sit on a car that doesn't belong to us and besides, it's something that we can't even afford. Why the need to lie, right? I'm really more than happy to sit in the Little Kelisa with tin cans tied onto the back of it. Hehehehhee... It's more fun!! I wouldn't mind using Inspector's brand new Nissan Sentra too. Oh well... Since Footitie's dad offered, why not, right? Anyway, another of Inspector's friend had offered us a Bufori (see this link). It's a chance of a lifetime to sit in one, what's more to drive one, so Inspector accepted the offer. Tee hee hee.

So now we have 2 bridal cars.. We're planning to use the Mercedes for the morning session where Inspector's gonna come pick me up to go back to our house. From there, we will drive the Bufori while Footitie will drive the Mercedes to the hotel. Sounds damn coooooool...

Now I'll have to make a call to the freelancing florist to ask how much she charges to do a simple decoration for the Bufori. *smile*

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Very Busy Bee

Can't wait for all these to be done with.. To get over with.. There's too many last minute things to do that I just had to go on leave starting today!

My phone has been ringing non stop. It's either the florists (one attached to the bridal house to provide the car deco and the bridal hand bouquet, the other one is a freelancer who's gonna be doing the corsages and decorating the baskets for flower girl and page boy), or the bridal house, or the hotel co-ordinator, or the guests to rsvp their attendance, both sides of the parents making last minute demands, or Inspector with the guest list and other arrangements, or friends regarding the agenda or slideshows, so on and so forth. What's more, I've yet to finish up all the slideshows and pack my stuffs! I'm slowly trying to my things over to the new house in several stages. Mum's gonna help me clean up the house (bless her!). I have to make a couple of trips to the hotel, bridal house, nail salon and several other shops for this and that.

Sometimes I'd really wish I could clone myself so that I can do many things and be at different places at the very same time. It's getting reaaaaally frustrating when I just want to have a simple yet memorable wedding but there's so many more of "you must do this and that, you cannot do this and that" shooting at you from every angle. Argh!!!

I have to remember to pass this to Inspector to bring along to the florist as deco for the bridal car, a present from Princess...

Bridal Bears
Teddy bears getting married. Tee hee hee..

I also have to remember to pack this along with all my other stuffs (i.e. wedding album, guest's "Recipe to a Happy Marriage" cards, music CDs, wedding march song, confetti, itinery) to bring to the hotel, a present from Inspector's cousin sister all the way in London...

TattyTeddy Guest Book
Ms. & Mr. Patchee.. Haha..

Ok.. A lot of things waiting for me to do now. Will post another day.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Final Week

We're down to the final week and it just felt as if we've still more to do. Argh!

A couple of my friends gathered at the house since early morning to help out with the agenda, slideshows and confetti. I think most of them went home with bruised hands after using all the pattern cutters and scissors for the confetti. Felt soooooo bad... But it's damn nice lor!

Multi shapes and sizes confetti

The guests are supposed to throw these when we make our grand entrance into the ballroom. You think enough ah? Oh well, back to the slideshows!