Memory.. Little threads that hold life's patches of meaning together. ~ Mark Twain

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The 1st Month Mark

Can't believe that we've been married for a month now. With the wedding events still fresh in the mind, it almost seemed like we got married last weekend. I must admit I've been looking at the pictures over and over again and still am not bored with them. *grin*

Being married is undeniably a huge change for the both of us. Especially for me, I guess. The princess who used to live under her parents' roof her entire life now learns to cook, wash and clean. Don't count the years when I was abroad, we're talking the rest of the life now. Sometimes having to live further away from my parents makes me homesick but there's always the weekend visits back to my parents' place and the daily phone calls to them. Besides, with Inspector around, it's really not that lonely. *smile*

I really love the sound of it whenever I chat with my friends and colleagues and I no longer refer him as "my boyfriend" but as "my husband", and when he refers me as his wife. I love it whenever we kiss before we leave the house for work and then it's "Honey, I'm home!". I love it when I watch him bring the bread I pack for him for breakfast. I love it whenever he comes home early and help out with the cooking, or with the chores during the weekends. I love it when he eats the food I cook for him no matter how bad it might taste. I love it when the first person I see when I wake up and the last person I see before I go to sleep is him.

I know that we have 50 more years to go (hopefully we'd get to live that long!). And of course, along the way, there'll be rough patches here and there, bumpy rides every now and then. But we will pull through together and we'll aim for that 50th year. *grin*

Happy 1st Month to the both of us!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Crewmembers' Rewarding Treat

2 days short of being married for exactly a month, Inspector and I had finally managed to gather all the 'chi mui's and 'heng tai's for 1 long afternoon as a gesture of "Thank You" for all they have done for us throughout the wedding - from the time when we started planning for the wedding right until the end of the dinner at the hotel. We had initially requested for some complimentary high-tea buffet vouchers to be given away as prizes for the dinner guests, for whoever was able to answer questions and all that. But Bubble suggested to keep them so that we can all go 'makan' together. It was a very good idea indeed, only that Inspector and I decided to foot the bill instead. *wink*

So there we were, all 16 of us feasting ourselves silly for 4 hours at the hotel this afternoon. Longest table in the coffeehouse. We all just kept eating, plate after each plate, round after round. I brought all the photo albums (more than 1000 pictures, all taken by the hired photographers) and videos (all 16 pairs of eyes watching over Moorish's mini Dell notebook). I handed out each of their respective Thank You cards and photos. We all chatted endlessly about everything under the sun, like the girls trading their travelling stories (experiences in Shanghai, India, Japan, Vietnam, or activities like diving, backpacking), guys chatting about which football player should be traded out or which are the latest mobile phones, and on how the guys want to 'make revenge' with the girls for losing their leg hair during the 'chi mui' games. Tee hee hee..

To add to the fun, they all gave Inspector a birthday suprise (it's his birthday today. *grin*). The girls took different types of cakes offered in the buffet into a huge plate, placed a lit candle on top of the center cake, approached Inspector with the hotel's live band crooning the "Happy Birthday" song and the rest of us joined in.

The hotel crooners
The hotel crooners

It was soooo loud that all the guests in the coffeehouse turned to look. The band also sang a couple of songs for us while Footitie showed them one of the pictures in the photo albums coz they were the same ones who performed during the dinner's Food Presentation. Hehehe.. This auntie, who was coincidentally celebrating her birthday as well at the next table was heard to remark why her birthday not as cool as that. We giggled when her family members asked the live band to go over to their table after that to sing the Birthday song to her. *lol*

Hubby's Colourful 'Birthday Cakes'
Inspector's colourful 'birthday cakes'

We all had a great time there, well at least I hope they all did. When I asked Gummy how was the food, she replied : "On borderline gluttony". Tee hee hee.. A very huge Thank You to Sis, Bro-in-law, Gummy, Wan Nei & partner, Moorish, Sue, Bubble, Aneh, Footitie, Freckles, Chef, Xiao Ping and Blur Sotong for taking the time to come for the feast and the wonderful suprise for Inspector. Thank You so much once again for all your help during our wedding.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday, my dear hubby. This is our first time celebrating your birthday as a married couple, and may there be many, many more birthdays to celebrate together. I love you, dear. *muaaaaaakz*!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Nutty Gets Engaged

When the Sunflower House gang came over to my place on the eve of the wedding where Nutty purposely flew in from Bintulu just to attend the wedding, he announced that he would be getting engaged in August.

I swore that I was practically speechless for a moment there. The whole Sunflower House gang also was just as shocked. Coz few months before that, on his previous trip here, he told me that he was still trying to tackle the girl, and we were all throwing suggestions on what to do and all. Fast forward to a month before that, he told us that he was officially going out with her. Now he's gonna get engaged! No, he didn't get the girl pregnant or anything, kay! I tell you, I was more excited with his news rather than about me getting married the very next day. Tee hee hee..

Although it seemed like a speedy one, but we later on found out that he actually knew her since school days. So macam long time buddies that slowly blossomed into love. Oooohhhhh... Senyap senyap je Nutty. Hehehe.. But that's his character, timid and shy. ;)

And here he is, today, getting engaged. Another 'heng tai' stepping into another level in life. I'm getting teary-eyed now. I definitely will be there for his wedding next year. By hook or by crook, I will make sure I'll get my flight tickets and fly over to Bintulu just for him. *smile*

Many Congrats, Nutty and Ms. Nutty. May both of you remain nuts for each other forever and for always. Hehehehehe....