Memory.. Little threads that hold life's patches of meaning together. ~ Mark Twain

Monday, May 29, 2006

Wedding Colors.. Help!

I am in a huge dilemma right now.

My bridesmaids are to scout for their dresses now. The problem is that I have yet to decide on my evening gown. The thing is that, during the wedding march, my bridesmaids will walk in before me and I will be in an off-white bridal gown. After a few dishes later, I will change into the evening gown.

The questions are :-

1) Should I go for shocking Fuschia or demure Lavender? Fuschia is very outstanding (from far, definitely can know which is the bride.. Hehe..), simple yet nice glittery bead design, but I don't quite fancy the colour. Fully satin. Lavender would suit my personality better but it's a very simple design - Satin, covered with chiffon. Can be a colour that guests will wear, so it's probably dull and common.

2) If I choose Fuschia, I can make my bridesmaids wear lighter shades of pink. But how about if I choose Lavender? What colours should my bridesmaids wear? They suggested to go for darker shade of Purple and knee-length dresses to contrast from Lavender. Do you think this will work? Or what other colours can they go for?

3) Should their bridesmaid dresses be matching with the bridal gown (coz it will be apparent during the march) or should they match with the evening gown as well?

Additional infos.. Flower girl will be in a Pink dress. Table settings are in Cream/Beige and Peach colours. Wedding favors will be wrapped in Silver paper, tied with Purple ribbons.

How ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh???

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Next Milestone

"In a week's time, we will be legally married. In a week's time, our lives will change forever."

When Inspector mentioned this to me, my heart beat in a rush. "Wow!". We both couldn't believe that in a week's time, we will profess our vows to each other in front of our families in JPN, for better and for worse, till death do us apart.

Lately, we've been so stressed out with all the planning and running around. It's been so hard trying to accomodate to our families' and our own wishes. We'd want something very simple yet memorable. They'd want it grand and oh, soooooo many traditions to follow. There were times when we've been so excited with the planning. There were times when we'd get so upset or annoyed with our families or with each other. There were times when we'd find it fun to follow the traditions (as long as it's rational to us!) and go furniture shopping for the house. There were times when we'd get so stressed out when there's just too many things to do but with so little time (you would too if the wedding's only 6 weeks away!). There were times when we'd just break down (I'd break into tears) and we'd want to "screw the wedding".

But when we tell each other these...

"I can't do this alone neither will I let you go through this alone".

"You'll never walk alone. We shall lean on one another from now onwards ok?".

"As long as you don't give up on yourself and on everything around you, I'll be your pillar always".

... It strengthens our love, our togetherness. If we could still be with each other despite all the hardships we've faced in the past, then we can make our future work together.

So yes, in a week's time, our lives will legally change forever. It is a scary thought, I must admit that. Nevertheless, we're both looking forward to that milestone in our relationship. We're definitely ready for this now, unlike the previous attempt. *smile* Well, if I'm feeling generous, I'll tell you some stories the next time. *Wink*

Have a nice weekend!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Why I'm So Helpful Leh?

Hammie: You got a sample letter which you use to write when your friend put you as a reference? My friend put me as reference, then this company write email to me and want me to describe her. What to write ah?
Me: Errrr... Eh by the way, did I tell you that you are my referral also? *lol*
Hammie: Really? Haha.. Then I have to charge liao
Me: Hehe.. You need to give me more details about your friend. How you know her, what position she's applying for, bla bla.
Hammie: She's from here wan la last time
Me: Ya ke? Siapa?
Hammie: You know wan. Neh.. You don't like her wan.
Me: Ooohhhhhhh... She ahhhhhhhhhhh
Hammie: Yah lor! She want to apply for manager. I dunno how to write.
Me: Like that.. You write as an employer better la since you were her supervisor. Let me draft something first, I send to you later.

She was the only colleague from few years ago that I did not see eye to eye with. She annoyed me with her princess-like and the "I'm always right, you're wrong" attitude when clearly she was in the wrong. Oh, she always butt into other people's conversations even if they're chatting soooo far away from her.

And now, I wrote a superb recommendation letter for her on behalf of Hammie. I don't know whether to laugh or not. What is it with me and writing sample letters for resignation (I've written several for my colleagues before) and reference anyway? Haha.. But I do wish her all the very best and may she get the job. ;)

My Most Memorable Music

I believe no one can deny that music play a part in our lives regardless of whether one makes a career out of it or just by listening to it as a hobby. Throughout our lives, we listen to millions of songs. So many genres in so many languages. I myself enjoy listening to various types. Being a Malaysian, I listen to songs in English, Malay and Chinese. Rarely Tamil though coz I don't understand the language, but I do love the 'Chikku Pukku' song. *grin*.

I personally feel that one can relate a song and its lyrics to his/her own experiences. Music can heal one's soul. Or not. When I'm down, I listen to ballads which sometimes when I'm awfully sad, I could shed a tear or two. When I'm frustrated, I listen to loud music. When I lose faith, I turn to worships. I remember the periods when I would loyally listen to Tommy Page. KRU. Jacky Cheung. Michael Learns To Rock. Bon Jovi. Guns 'N' Roses. Oasis. *NSync. The Cranberries. Emil Chau. Les Miserables. Michael W Smith. Teresa Teng. Linkin Park. Westlife. The Carpenters. The Everly Brothers. The Maranatha Singers. Metallica. Cliff Richard. Sammi Cheng. Josh Groban. But what makes a song so special to me is when it reminds me of someone or something that had happened. So here's my list.. my 10 most memorable music in my life in chronological order..

The Smurfs theme song
The blue-coloured, 3 apples tall characters and the baddy Gargamel will always, always remind me of my childhood days. Reminding me that even as an adult, I should still allow some time to be carefree, to let go, to stop and smell the roses, to play under the rain.

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting
The first proper (uhm.. How do I categorize this?) piece I could play on the piano. Fur Elise and all not counted. I remember spending most of my free time mastering the piece, probably annoyed my parents at times coz I kept practicising that piece. My biggest achievement was when I got to play it during a school concert. *grin*

Guys Next Door - I've Been Waiting For You
It was a hit back then in Std. 6 (remember Mega Hits 3?). I found out that the Ex had a crush on me since Std. 4. During a class period at the school shed, we were told to divide ourselves into groups and were assigned to perform a song in front of the class. His group chose that song. Since then, everyone kept teasing about him dedicating the song to me. He had waited patiently till after PMR when I agreed to be his girl. But I broke it off a few months later. Once in a while now, I do wonder how things would be if I had stayed on in the relationship.

Silent Night
I used to attend Sunday School. Come one Christmas, I was given the chance to go for carols around the neighbourhood. It was when we sang Silent Night, amidst the darkness, holding lit candles, when I realized how greater and meaningful Christmas is.. For giving and for forgiving. It was my first and final Christmas carolling session. *sobs*

Dionne Warwick - That's What Friends Are For
Cleopatra and I were the best of friends during our college days. Before she left for Melbourne, she dedicated the song to me, as a reminder of our "best friendship". Few years later, we had a major fallout. From "best friendship", we are now mere acquaintances. It hurt so much that I did not trust nor let a friend in anymore.

Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply
This song was a big hit during the end of my college days. It was like the "Romantic Song of the Year". I was on the way to PD with my classmates - 18th birthday treat for me and Wan Nei. We stopped by a record store and I immediately bought the CD single (and later, the album!). I played the CD over and over again in my friend's car and in the apartment. Coz it's damn nice! Damn 'lam'! Definitely annoyed the hell out of my classmates but hey, they'll surely think of me whenever they listen to this song. Tee hee hee.

K-Ci & Jojo - All My Life
Our song - Inspector and I. We were together for the 3rd time then (we broke up again and got back after that until now. Not a track record that I want to be proud of though). We were toying around with the idea of having "our song" and this song so happened was a huge hit at that time. But we ain't gonna choose this as our wedding song. It's gonna be something else and that's gonna be a more memorable song for us. *wink*

Emil Chau - Ai Xiang Shui
The Sunflower House song. Back in those days in Sheffield, the one entertainment we had always enjoyed was when Chino and Nutty played the guitars. All 6 of us would crowd into one of our rooms and listen to them strumming away. They played this song most of the times, so often that Aneh learnt up the lyrics to sing along with us. It's definitely unforgettable when a Sindi sings a Mandarin song. I don't know if he even knows what the song means, but for sure he can still remember the lyrics till this very day. *grin*

Teresa Teng - Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (The Moon Represents My Heart)
Dad would always slip in Teresa Teng's CD everytime we go back to his hometown. It was like a lullaby for me coz I usually sleep throughout the journey. 3 years ago when Yeh Yeh passed away, we hired a band. I will always remember them playing this song during the funeral procession. I really miss Yeh Yeh..

Destiny's Child - Independent Women
My company organized an Inter-Dept Talent Nite during our annual trip last year. My department, the R&D did a twist - We spoofed a few movies, cross dressing style. Our most memorable spoof was when Furball, Ricepot and Hammie did Charlie's Angels with this theme song. We dressed the guyz sexily, even stuffed lots of tissue papers for their *ahem* bras. Until today, the whole company still remember that. If one day I do leave the company, I'm really gonna miss my colleagues coz they're not only my colleagues, they're also my friends. *sobs*

There you have it, the 10 most memorable music in my life. What's yours?

Monday, May 15, 2006

For Mum

The past few months, Sis and I had been hinting to Mum to change her handphone. She had been using the Nokia 3315 for several years already (It's damn long ago, ok). No camera, no colour screen, no storage space for pictures. Mum veli update wan, so must have high tech phone laaa.. ;D

Since Friday was a holiday, Inspector and I went to check out the phones in Low Yat Plaza. Our requirements were must be Nokia phone (easier for Mum to use mar), either a flip or the slide type, got camera, storage space, colour screen, can play Mp3, got radio, all the basic stuffs phones have nowadays. Mum said "buy cheap cheap wan ah!". So we decided to get her the Nokia 6111 (black model). A Mother's Day gift from Sis and I. I had initially wanted to get it for myself since the phone was launched.. But haha.. I was too reluctant to change my phone. She was sooooooo excited! We helped transfer some Mp3s into her phone and taught her how to use the camera. Now I am so jeles of my mum, her phone is more high tech than mine! ;D

Last night we went for buffet dinner at Nikko Hotel. RM 78++ per person, but Sis got 50% off the bill with her credit card. So 'dai'! The food wasn't too bad, but the dessert was a bit slacking. They served chocolate fondue too. I had tried cheese fondue while in Switzerland but have not tried chocolate fondue. So imagine the 'ulu'-ness when Inspector and I kept dipping grapes into the chocolate fountain. We even peeled a couple of bananas, broke them into smaller pieces and dipped into the fountain as well. It was soooooooo filling! Everyone just kept laughing at us trying to finish them up. Haha!

Fruity Chocolate Fondue
Yummy! Should have topped it up with ice-cream though.

Mum happily showed off her phone to Muffinz Uncle and Poh Poh, and 'pok meng' took pictures from it. *lol* Tai Lou's family were there too, got to see how big his kids have grown. His 3-year-old son is sooooo handsome and obedient, the 5-month-old daughter is so chubby and cute that I would love to pinch her. She didn't even throw tantrums when I carried her. Hehhehehe...

We all definitely had fun last night. And I am sure Mum loved her Mother's Day gift. You deserve it, Mum! *Muakz*!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Parents Meeting The Parents

It was time for the parents to meet officially. Not counting the time when they met at the airport when Inspector joined my family and I for a trip to Sydney to attend Sis' graduation 3 years ago. Nor the times when my parents went over to visit the new house and also throw oranges and all. So what other better way can we use other than to let them meet during the food tasting session.

It was a moment I dreaded coz I was worried that our parents would not compromise on the food (like earlier on they commented, "Why 8 dishes only?", "Why no prawns?"), on the setting, on the traditions. And with all the hoo-haas that had been going on lately, I was expecting raised voices and black faces by the end of the session.

It turned out really well after all. The parents were really decent and friendly to each other. There were no shouting about. Everyone gave comments about the dishes while I diligently wrote them down on the feedback form. I was too engrossed into taking pictures of the dishes and the setting that I forgot to take pictures of all 10 of us! Darn! We were given some flexibility during the session, like trying out 6 types of Hot & Cold Seasons before deciding the final 4, 2 different types of preparation for the chicken, 3 types of desserts, etc. They also prepared various types of napkin foldings for us to choose from. We could still decide on other choices of dishes should we not like what we tried. The chef took some time to come chit chat with us, to hear some comments, and to taste the cold dessert when we mentioned that it was slightly bitter. We had so much of food to try that most of us were pretty full after the 4th or 5th dish. *lol* The parents agreed that we could make do without the prawn dish and that we will add in some prawn items for the Hot & Cold Seasons.

Food Tasting
Food.. Glorious food!

As for the traditions, they have agreed to deliver a small roasted pig and boxes of 'ka lui beng' to the girl's side. Dowry wasn't so much of a concern there, as long as the girl's side were given a few 'tables'. The girl's side will need to prepare a new tea set to bring over to the guy's side for 'jum char' (tea offering) ceremony. As for seating arrangement and the 'angpows', we have reached a compromise that the guests will be categorized into either the girl's side, or the guy's side. So that means we will have to decide who is my friend, who is Inspector's friend. Relatives and colleagues will be seated accordingly, one side is the girl's, the other side is the guy's. But friends will be seated according to however we want, so we get to mix the arrangement, better that way. I do not want to specify that "you are my friend, so you must sit here with the rest of my friends".

So that's all done. Everyone's now looking forward to the ROM (Registration of Marriage) date which is just next month. After the registration, we will all head over to a restaurant Inspector's dad suggested, and seconded by Mum ("The food there very nice. I went there last month", that was what she said). We have finally purchased the bedroom set, minus the wardrobe though (need to scout around for that again). Invitation cards should be out hopefully by end of this week. I have yet to go shopping for the bridesmaids' dresses, or even confirm my own dresses. *Gah*

By the way, wedding pictures are out already. Yay! We collected the CD last weekend whereby from there, we get to choose 60-100 pictures for the album. It was crazy! We did a mixture of progressive and studio shots, all in all, nearly 600 pictures. We had to copy all the pictures into the computer, categorize them into folders and select from there. I see until blur already. Lucky thing is that, both our families (and a few of my friends and colleagues) are roping in to help us decide which shots to select. I'm really thankful for them. ;)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Late Nite Breakkie

I went for grocery shopping last night when I passed by the Cereal aisle. It had been such a looooong time since I last had cereal with cold, fresh milk. During my younger days, I would always have cereals for breakfast - Froot Loops, Koko Krunch (the milk turns chocolatey.. Yummy!), Snap Crackle & Pop, Frosties, and oh so many more.

So there I was at the aisle, deciding which one to buy. I ended up putting a box of Frosties into my shopping basket and went to get a carton of fresh milk. I usually don't have the time to have breakfast at home, so I kept it till tonight to feast on it. I told Mum that I was gonna go have some Frosties for supper when she told me that Sis had already opened it during the day (she is on study leave). Indeed! Only half of the box left!! Nevermind, as long as I have the chance to munch some.

I emptied half of the remaining content (saving it for Sis in case if she feels like having it tomorrow) into a bowl and filled it up with cold, fresh milk... Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Late Nite Breakkie
Frosties - Bring out the tiger in you! *Rar*

You think having breakfast at night can get fat ah? *Grin*